Leaving your university accommodation early

Leaving early

If you are considering leaving our Halls of Residence early, please read through the information on this page for everything you need to know.

What are my legal obligations?

When applying for accommodation students are advised the Residences offer accommodation on the basis of a fixed term Student Licence. This information is contained in the Residences Accommodation Guide, Accommodation Application form, and on the Accommodation Web Site. Depending on the type of accommodation the contract period will be 19 weeks, 20 weeks, 39 weeks, 40 weeks, 42 weeks or 51 weeks.

Please refer to the Student Licence, Standard Terms and Conditions of Residence, Section 9.2 for full detail of the clause. 

There is no automatic right for any student to break their contract for accommodation. Once an offer of accommodation has been made and accepted the University and the student are bound by the terms and conditions of the Residence Agreement. This is a legally binding contract.

There will be instances where a student moves into accommodation without having electronically signed a Student Licence.

The absence of a signed agreement does not materially affect the relationship between the student and the Residences. A contract is formed by the making of an offer and the student accepting the offer. The act of accepting keys and moving in proves the existence of a contractual relationship and does not have to be evidenced by a signed agreement.

Please note that guidance on this page is for University of Liverpool owned accommodation only. If you are a resident with one of our Preferred Private Providers, you are subject to their own Terms and Conditions. We strongly recommend you read and understadn these thoroughly before deciding to enter an agreement as they are often less flexible than the University of Liverpool Student Licence. 

How do I request to terminate my Student Licence?

You can submit a termination request through Liverpool Life. Log in, and head to the Accommodation page. Once here, click on the 'requests' tab and you will be able to submit your request.

Please give as much information as possible so the Accommodation Team can assist with your request. 

Read through the below information to determine if you are eligable for early release. 

I am no longer coming to University of Liverpool, can I be released?

If you decide before the start date of your Student Licence that you no longer require accommodation, you can be released from your Student Licence penalty free subject to a Contract Termination Request being submitted before the start date of your Student Licence on Liverpool Life.

If you do not submit a Contract Termination request until on or after the start date of your Student Licence and do not arrive into your accommodation, you will be charged Accommodation Fees per night until a request is submitted. If you have checked in to you accommodation, you will be subject to the below procedures.

Early release before 1 October

If you check into your accommodation and decide that you no longer want to stay in University of Liverpool before 1 October, you will be realeased from your Student Licence and charged for the days that you stayed (until your Key Card is returned to reception). In order to be released and charged only for the dates you stayed, you must submit a Contract Termination Request on Liverpool Life by 23:59 on 30 September in the relevent year.

Early release on or after 1 October

Unless you are withdrawing from the University of Liverpool, there is no obligation for you to be released from your Student Licence.

Should a student move out of their accommodation but remain a student at the University of Liverpool, the student will remain liable for the residence fees for the full duration of the contract, or until such time as the room is re-let by the Accommodation Office or the student finds someone to take over their contract.  The onus to find a replacement falls upon the student who has the contract.  The student who takes over the room must be of the same type, i.e. a 1st year student must be found for a 1st year contract, a postgraduate student for a postgraduate contract etc.  The student will be liable for the room until the new student moves in.

The Residences operate a large and diverse portfolio of accommodation. Students may occasionally wish to move from one type of accommodation to another. The Accommodation Office will always endeavour to assist students whom wish to transfer as far as it is reasonable and practical to do so.

Please refer to the Residence Agreement, Standard Terms and Conditions of Residence, Section 9.2 which states:

The Student may only be released from this Agreement:

9.2.1 if the Student cease to be a registered Student with the University; or

9.2.2 if the Student re- locates another student who is registered as a full time student with the University and is not already in University Accommodation, is reasonably acceptable to the University and is willing to enter into a Agreement with the University for the remainder of the Occupancy on similar terms to this Agreement,provided the Student has complied with all the Student’s obligations under this Agreement up to the date of termination.

9.2.3 in either of the circumstances outlined in clauses 9.1.1 or 9.1.2 the Student’s written request to be released from this Agreement must be submitted to the Accommodation Office at least 28 days before the student requires the University’s decision. Please note all other requests to be released from this Agreement will be refused.

9.2.4 if the Student is released from this Agreement as permitted under this clause 9.1, the Accommodation Fees will be refunded to the Student less (a) a pro-rata sum for the number of weeks of the Occupancy up to the date of release by the University, (b) a pro-rata sum equivalent to the Accommodation Fees paid for the 4 week notice period, and (c) any costs payable in accordance with clauses 6 and 10.

However, please note that the University also reserves the right, without notice to the Student, to deduct from any refund of Accommodation Fees due or becoming due to the Student following the release from this Agreement, all sums (whether tuition fees and/or any other associated fees) then due from the Student to the University. Please also note that if the Student terminates this Agreement prior to the expiry of the Occupancy for any reason other than as specified under clause 9.2, the Student shall remain liable for all the outstanding Accommodation Fees due (as specified in the Payment Plan) for the remainder of the period of the Occupancy.

If I withdraw from the University how much will I have to pay?

Should a student withdraw from the University or suspend his or her studies e.g. in the case of illness, the Residences will take this as sufficient grounds to break the Residence Agreement.

If a student is withdrawing or suspending and leaves the University during September the date he or she leaves the University will taken as the effective date and obligations under the Residence Agreement will cease, subject to the keys for the accommodation being returned.

If a student is withdrawing or suspending and leaves during October through to the following August a month’s rent will be charged 28 days in lieu of notice from the date they place their request on Liverpool Life, or until the room is re-let, whichever is the earlier.

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