Information for parents

Parents and guardians

The University of Liverpool offers its students the opportunity to live independently and safely in our accommodation, located both on our city centre campus and at Greenbank Student Village. We know that it is likely to be your child’s first experience of living away from home and with this in mind we've developed a range of support services and resources that will help to make the transition easy and enjoyable.

What do we offer?

  • Affiliation with Universities UK to ensure our accommodation is managed effectively, safe and well maintained
  • Modern, safe and well maintained accommodation
  • Wardens and Residential Advisers living in and amongst the student residents
  • 24 hour security presence in our accommodation (excluding Melville Grove and Tudor Close) and access to Campus Support – our University-wide security and safety team
  • Excellent wellbeing services located on campus with specialists available to assist with a range of concerns.

Application checklist

Here is everything your child will need to do in order to apply for accommodation with the University of Liverpool:

We would generally recommend for a parent/guardian to be present when students accept their room offer, as the Accommodation Agreement is a legally binding contract with the University. We would also recommend that you visit our student fees page in order to read through the terms and conditions that will apply to all students whilst at the University.

Whilst accepting their room offer, there is also an online e-induction that all students complete and this contains a checklist of all the items that they will need to bring with them when arriving at their halls of residence.

The University of Liverpool’s relationship with parents

Unlike school or college, the University is an adult learning environment. Under Data Protection Laws, we are unable to give out information to parents (or any third parties) about their child, including their academic progress, results, attendance or if they are accessing support services.

However, we understand that there may be times when you may have concerns. You can give us a call about your concerns and we will respond accordingly. We won’t, however, be able to discuss exactly how we will respond. Please be reassured that there is support available and if you have concerns, please encourage your child to access the support available. Student Services are a confidential service.