Fire safety statement

The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance to the University. We are confident that all of the fire strategies in place for our accommodation buildings, owned and leased, are robust.

Fire safety arrangements 

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, we undertook an extensive review of all academic and residential buildings over 18 metres tall, and none of our buildings were found to be at risk. We also worked with Liverpool Student Homes to conduct a review of privately-owned halls of residence recommended by Liverpool’s universities.

In response to the more recent fire at a student accommodation block in Bolton, we have undertaken an additional review of the fire safety of our estate. These have again found that our buildings are at low risk. Liverpool Student Homes is currently undertaking similar work with all owners of private halls of residence.

All owned accommodation is managed 24/7, with additional assistance provided by our campus support staff.

However, it is sensible for all building users to ensure they are familiar with local fire safety arrangements and evacuation routes.

If you discover a fire, please raise the alarm in the building via a red break glass call point and call campus support staff on 2222.


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