Support in halls

Support in halls

Within all of our halls of residence, we feel that looking after our student's safety and well-being is a crucial part of a positive student experience. Student welfare within the halls are the responsibility of our Hall Wardens, assisted by Residential Advisers.


Wardens are all senior members of staff who live in our halls of residence, ensuring that students get the support and assistance they need throughout their time in University accommodation.

The team are there to help you with any personal problems and aim to assist students by being pastoral leaders. You will usually meet with your Warden at welcome events during the first few days of term. It's very important that you attend these events as there will be information specific to your hall of residence. Our Wardens and their Residential Adviser teams rely on your help and consideration to maintain a community and environment in which all residents can study, sleep, relax and enjoy themselves safely.

Residential Advisers

Upon arrival to halls, our Residential Advisers make themselves known to all students and establish an approachable point of contact for enquiries made out of normal office hours. As well as providing pastoral support to our residents, Residential Advisers also work with the Halls Life team to help create events and activities throughout the year to ensure there is always something for you to get involved with.

If you are interested in joining the Residential Adviser team and enhancing your skills for your future career, check out how to become a Residential Adviser.

Each Duty Residential Adviser has a dedicated phone number that you can call at anytime for support. the number can be found in your Welcome Handbook, posters in your kitchen and lift lobbies as well as reception.

Advice and guidance

As well as the support provided by the Warden and Residential Adviser teams, we also offer comprehansive support to all students through the Student Services team and their two branches: Student Welfare Advice and Guidance, and Counselling and Mental Health Services.

Student Welfare Advice and Guidance

The role of the Student Welfare Advice and Guidance team is to offer you advice, support and information on a wide range of non-academic issues, including finance, disability, issues relating to your general welfare and support for international students.

All teams are located in the Alsop Building on University Square (building 759, ref E7 on the campus map). A dedicated Information Point is located on the ground floor.

Counselling and Mental Health Services

The Counselling Service is here to help you address personal or emotional problems that get in the way of realising your full academic and personal potential. The service offers free and confidential advice to all students.

The Counselling Service is located at 14 Oxford Street (building 436, ref C4 on the campus map).

The Mental Health Advisory Service offers mental health support to students at the University of Liverpool. The service is based at the Student Services Centre, Alsop Building (building 759, ref E7 on the campus map).

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