Priority room

Priority room

The University of Liverpool has some of the best accommodation options around for students who might need a priority room allocation due to a disability or medical condition.

Priority room

The University of Liverpool has some of the best accommodation options around for students who might need a priority room allocation due to a disability or medical condition.

From larger ensuite or easy access ground-floor rooms, to studios with adjoining carer accommodation - we can help you find the perfect place to call home.

Whether you are in a bedroom or a studio, you will have loads of options for socialising. You will be accommodated on floors with other studios and cluster flats and the team of residential advisers will be around to create events and ice-breakers so you can enjoy a full social life at halls.

The Accommodation Team work closely with the Disability Advice and Guidance Team to make sure your accommodation is right for you, and to help your transition into university life.

What are the options?

We have a range of accessible rooms to meet your particular needs and are able to make reasonable adjustments to make your stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

We have priority rooms with a shared kitchen and living area in:

  • Crown Place
  • Greenbank Student Village
  • Philharmonic Court
  • Vine Court

We also have priority studio apartments in Crown Place which have adjoining carer rooms, along with specialist hoist equipment.

How to apply for a priority room

Once you have received your offer to study at the University of Liverpool, you can apply for accommodation via the Liverpool Life portal.

Through the online application process, you will be asked to tick yes to having a medical condition and then supply medical information and any reasonable adjustments you require so that we can ensure the right accommodation for you.

In order for us to find you the most suitable room, please make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Do your research. Have a look at our available halls and locations for your student type. Check which room types are available at each hall, making sure it meets your requirements. Think about the location – some of our halls are a short bus journey away from the main campus, which may not be suitable for everyone. Make contact with the Disability Support Team if you need further support.
  2. Complete your application. So that we know you are intending to stay in our accommodation, we will need an application from you. This is to be completed online – once you have an offer to study at the University, you will be emailed an invitation to apply. This will contain all the information you need, including the link to the application, your University ID number and instructions on setting your PIN. If you require a priority room allocation, you will need to select ‘yes’ when asked if you have a medical condition. You will then be asked for a brief description. To accompany your application, you will also need to complete a Medical Evidence Template via a GP or consultant (see step 3). You will need to make three preferences of accommodation, including the most suitable as preference 1. If you are submitting a priority allocation request, we will always try our best to offer your first choice.
  3. Complete your medical evidence template. This is to ensure that you have full access to the support you need during your time with us. The medical evidence template needs to be completed and signed by your GP or consultant. This provides a chance to explain any specific requirements for your accommodation - anything such as needing an ensuite or adapted room with an adjoining carer’s flat. The medical evidence template needs to be returned to the Accommodation Office no later than 31st July in the year that you are starting University.
  4. Once you have sent through your medical evidence template - we can then hold a room for you that is best suited to your accommodation needs. If you are an Unconditional Offer holder with ‘Expected Entrant’ status we will send you a room offer in due course. If you are a Conditional Offer holder we have held a room for you until you receive your results – at this point we will send you a room offer or cancel the reserved room for you with no cost to yourself.

If you have no specific needs from your accommodation whilst living with us it may be that you do not need to fill in the our Medical Evidence Form - you only need do so if there is something you wish for us to be aware of or you have a specific accommodation need.

Please provide us with supporting evidence for this to be considered as part of a priority room allocation. If we do not receive supporting evidence by 31st July, we may not be able to guarantee your requested room type.

Please also note that this is not a request for a specific hall or location - we will do our best to find a room best suited to your individual needs but it is no guarantee of specific hall.

It is also advisable to contact the Disability Advice and Guidance Team who can ensure that your needs are met whilst you study and live here in Halls of Residence.

The University is involved in a continuous programme of modernisation and adaptation. This includes access issues in line with current disability legislation. However, due to the age of the University, there are still some buildings that may be difficult to access. For more information on each building, check out the AccessAble website.

The University is committed to making reasonable adjustments and the Disability Advice and Guidance Team works closely with both Accommodation and the University's Facilities Management (FM) department to provide accessible environments for students to live and study in.

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