Disability Advice and Guidance

The Disability Advice and Guidance Team is responsible for the co-ordination of support for disabled students and provides a specialist guidance and support service for all prospective and current students.

We provide support and advice to students with a wide range of impairments. This can include, but is not limited to:

Click on the links above to download leaflets about the support we offer for each condition or impairment.

Contact the Disability Advice and Guidance Team for:

  • Confidential one to one appointments
  • Weekly drop-in and DSA help sessions
  • Assistance with obtaining funding to support disability-related study needs, e.g. Disabled Students' Allowance
  • Identification of individual reasonable adjustments
  • Arrangements for study needs assessments
  • Loan of specialist equipment and software
  • Creation of student support documents
  • Liaison with academic and other University departments to communicate & implement reasonable adjustments
  • Referrals to external partners
  • Access to Independent Specialist Support Tutors
  • Provision of study assistants, e.g. note takers, mentors, library assistants
  • Organisation/facilitation of the Disabled Student Network forum

Student Services provide a confidential service. You can find out more by downloading our Confidentiality Information leaflet.

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