Inclusive resources

Inclusive study resources available at the University

You can access a wide range of inclusive study resources at the University of Liverpool which we would recommend you try out; consider trying some of the following support available to you.


Microsoft Office

You can download Microsoft Office for free. Office has some useful accessibility tools such as text to speech.

Dyslexie Font

With Dyslexie Font, every letter is uniquely shaped, eliminating the common reading errors of dyslexia.

Bionic reading

Bionic reading is a form of reading whereby certain letters in a word are highlighted so the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters and lets the brain complete the rest of the word.

It’s not available yet for Office 365 however, there are various free apps for both iPhone and Android. There is also a free add-on for the Google Chrome browser and this works with Canvas. 

Access Bionic Reading Chrome add-on


You can book a one to one appointment with a friendly Writing@Liverpool tutor for additional support in analysing questions, referencing and becoming more critical, or planning and structuring your writing.


Stats@Liverpool is a free service to help you boost your statistical skills.

KnowHow Workshops

KnowHow sessions offer a wide range of support to improve academic skills, including revision, time management, statistics, critical reading and referencing to mention a few.  KnowHow also provides wide ranging provision for Researchers.

Other useful websites and resources