Inclusive resources

Inclusive study resources available at the University

Inclusive resources

You can access a wide range of inclusive study resources at the University of Liverpool which we would recommend you try out; consider trying some of the following support strategies:


Assistive software

A range of assistive software is available from the Universities Managed Windows Service.  We also have an experienced assistive technology specialist who can provide one-to-one training sessions to help you to get the most out of the software for your specific needs.


ClaroRead software is available on all networked University computers (e.g. in the library).  ClaroRead can read text back to you (with a speaking spellchecker which lets you select the word you want by hearing the alternatives) and also has advanced phonetic, problem spelling corrections. Please visit  for a QuickStart guide for this software.


Audio Note taker Software allows you to record or utlise a recording of a class and is an aid to break the process of taking notes into manageable stages, enabling you to focus on listening and understanding in lectures rather than scribbling or typing.  Also, a great tool for practicing presentations.


You can also download some software for us off campus:

Microsoft Office

You can download Microsoft Office for free. Office has some useful accessibility tools such as text to speech.


Mind Mapping

MindGenius is a useful mind-mapping tool which you can access via the Universities apps-anywhere to have on your own computer.



There are a wealth of support resources accessed via the Library disability support webpages, including support with referencing, library guides, converting documents into different formats, study skills and more.



You can book a one to one appointment with a friendly Writing@Liverpool tutor for additional support in analysing questions, referencing and becoming more critical, or planning and structuring your writing.


Stats@Liverpool is a free service to help you boost your statistical skills.


KnowHow Workshops:

KnowHow sessions offer a wide range of support to improve academic skills, including revision, time management, statistics, critical reading and referencing to mention a few.  KnowHow also provides wide ranging provision for Researchers.


Dyslexie Font
With Dyslexie Font, every letter is uniquely shaped, eliminating the common reading errors of dyslexia.