INSPIRE Summer research school

Non-residential research skills summer school; 4 day

We have an increasing number of University of Liverpool (UoL) students receiving vacation studentships (BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, UoL Vet School funded). Unfortunately, funding is not available to all students that apply.

Additionally, some students wish to experience what veterinary research involves before fully committing and also would like additional research training to that given in the veterinary curriculum.

We therefore hold a four-day summer school prior to commencement of the summer studentships but open to all UoL students.

The first three days will cover a variety of skills including:

  • research communication
  • public engagement/outreach/STEM
  • scientific writing
  • publishing your research
  • research methods
  • understanding statistics
  • presenting your research (oral and poster)
  • experimental design
  • scientific illustration
  • making a poster.

We invite several inspirational veterinary researchers to present their work and careers at this school.

The Summer School will be a mixture of lectures and practicals and we envisage experts from the UoL will be able to provide much of this support. We  record the event and make it available online as a reusable learning resource for students.

Included in the summer school will be a social networking/mentoring event in which we will invite speakers from the summer school and researchers/potential mentors to link with students for future studentships.

For those students earlier in the ‘summer studentship process’ thinking of undertaking a summer studentship the following year, we will link students with a mentor with whom they can apply for funding.

These two days will provide the opportunity for research shadowing.  This will give students the opportunity to meet and discuss further with potential mentors, visit their labs and talk to their research group members in order to write applications for future studentships from an appropriate funding body (funding already in place from BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, UoL Vet School and others).  This is particularly important as one of the concerns students have is they do not either know what they want to do research on, or who to approach.

For more details please contact Professor Mandy Peffers.

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