Conferences Archive

An archived chronology of conferences held by the School of Law and Social Justice.

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6 Dec 17 Eleanor Rathbone Lecture Series 17/18 - Economic Justice: A Moral Economic Approach
29 Nov 17 What’s love got to do with it? Emotions in and of research
27 Oct 17 Book Launch: Children's Rights Judgments: From Academic Vision to New Practice (Foreword by Lady Brenda Hale)
5 Oct 17 Tackling Sexism on Campus
22 Sept 17 Embodying the gender regime: health, illness and dis-ease across the life course
13-15 Sept 2017 The Digital Panopticon 2017 Conference 
13-14 July 2017 Twenty Years On: Assessing the State and Legacy of New Labour’s Constitution 
19-20 June 2017 Contemporary Challenges in Constitutional Theory: International, European and Domestic Perspectives
14 June 2017 Emotions and State Power: Brexit, Trump and ‘Taking Back Control’ 
14 June 2017 Brexit and the (Northern) Law School
7 June 2017 Exhibition explores identity and belonging in Liverpool 8
11 May 2017 From ‘doctor knows best’ to dignity: placing adults who lack capacity at the centre of decisions about their medical treatment
11 May 2017 Violence, Culture and Victimhood
27 Apr 2017 Threads from the Refugee Crisis
26 Apr 2017 The Defining Down of Britain: How an entire country was made to work for the enrichment of a small elite in London
20 Apr 2017 New Challenges in Medical Negligence Law
10-12 Apr 2017 Critical Approaches to Risk and Security: East, South, North and West
30 Mar 2017 Healthy food provision: stranded between corporate power and corporate powerlessness
23 Feb 2017 Repudiatory breach of leases – Hard lessons for ‘contractualisation’ of leases
15 Feb 2017 Hillsborough Law Symposium
17 Jan 2017 Taxation and other economic incentives as health-promoting tools: a focus on tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy diets


 8 Dec 2016  After Chilcot: Evaluating the Legal Implications of the Iraq Inquiry
 2 Dec 2016  Annual Law School and Alumni Association Lecture
 28 Nov 2016  Exit from the European Union: Article 50, Parliament and the Prerogative in the UK Courts
 15 Sep 2016  International Conference on 'Minority Rights, Self-Government and Law'
 14 Sep 2016 Children's Rights and Brexit: Perspectives and Prospects
 1 Sep 2016 Joint Enterprise' after Jogee: Reconsidering Law and Policy
 7-8 Jul 2016 Ending Childhood Obesity – A Challenge at the Crossroads of International Trade and Human Rights Law
 14-15 Jun 2016 Inaugural Postgraduate Conference in International Law and Human Rights: International Law and Human Rights in Crisis?
 10 Jun 2016 Making Sense of TTIP? Trade, Competition, Regulation, Human Rights & Democracy
 10 Jun 2016 Criminology, criminal justice and ex-military communities: the way ahead?
 6-7 Jun 2016 From Social Movement to Legal Form—thinking transformatively of post-uprising society and law
 19-20 May 2016 Challenges to Implementing the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights: Dialogues on Prisoner Voting Rights
 5 May 2016 Democratic Participation in a Citizen’s Europe: What Next for the EU?
 3 May 2016 Ethno-cultural Diversity and Human Rights – Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
 28-29 Apr 2016 Justice Matters? The Aesthetics and Counter-Aesthetics of International Law
 11 Apr 2016 Political Economy and Emotion: Into the Heart of State, Space and Power
 15 Jan 2016 From UK Renegotiation to EU Referendum – A Critical Assessment 
 11 Jan 2016 International Postgraduate Legal Conference 2016 Emerging Issues in Law


13 Oct 2015

Challenging 'Hate Crime': Research, Policy and Practice

9 Oct 2015

Common Market Law Review

17 Sep 2015

Policing and Democracy in the 21st Century

9-10 Sep 2015

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 – Ten Years On

2 Jul 2015

Regulating Banking Structures: Perspectives and Implications

22 Jun 2015

The Equality Act 2010: five-years on


26-27 Sep 2014

British Crime Historian's Symposium 4

19 Sep 2014

Human Rights in the UK Media: Representation and Reality

9-12 Jul 2014

British Society of Criminology Conference

11 Apr 2014

International Charity Law Symposium

8-10 Apr 2014

Modern Studies in Property Law Conference

8-9 Jan 2014

SLSA Conference


11-12 Apr 2013

BILETA - 28th Annual Conference           


6-7 Dec 2012

Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law

27-30 Jun 2012

Modern Activism