Embodying the gender regime: health, illness and dis-ease across the life course

9:30am - 4:30pm / Friday 22nd September 2017 / Venue: The Gallery Foresight Centre (Block J)
Type: Symposium / Category: Research
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This event is supported by the SLSJ RDF fund AND the Foundation for Sociology of Health and Illness

The objective of this symposium is to bring together a small number of key researchers whose research, whilst it may be based in separate disciplinary areas, and address different audiences, including those of medical sociology, gender studies and age studies (including childhood, youth studies and social gerontology), all use heath, well-being, illness and dis-ease, as vehicles through which to examine and illuminate the complexities and inequalities of the gender order.

Previous research in this area has noted that whilst the old binary of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ has been replaced by a new plurality involving both old gender performances and norms and newer hybrid forms, these have not replaced inequality but added to its complexity. This is reflected in the new array of diagnoses, disease and psycho-pathologies that particularly appear in women. This symposium aims to explore this complexity via new empirical and theoretical contributions as well as a focus on the different conditions exhibited by women at different stages and ages in the life course.

DRAFT Timetable

9.45 Registration

10-10.15 welcome and introduction

10.15: Helen Sweeting, University of Glasgow: Changing the Sex Differences in health between childhood and adolescence: reversals of fortune?

10.45: Kate Hunt, University of Glasgow: title tbc


11. 30 Coffee

11.45: Ellen Annandale, University of York: Positively Plastic? Thinking about sex/gender and health in dialogue with developments in neuroscience and epigenetics

12.15:Olaug Lian, Arctic University of Norway: Gendered perspectives on contested chronic conditions


1pm: Lunch

2pm: Barbara Marshall, Trent University, Toronto: Men are not women: biomedicine and the (hetero)sexing of ageing bodies

2.30: Toni Calsanti, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: An intersectional approach to age and health

3.15 Coffee

3.30: Susan Pickard, University of Liverpool: Habitus, hysteresis and the expressive female body through the life course

4.30: summing up and questions

5pm Drinks