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Law & Social Justice Podcast Series

The series explores different areas of our research activity in the School of Law and Social Justice, and its real-world impact.

Socio-Economic Rights

Socio-economic rights encompass a broad spectrum of fundamental human rights, including access to education, healthcare, housing, food, and social security. These rights are integral to ensuring dignity, equality, and well-being for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic status.

In this episode, Professor Padraig McAuliffe, Director of Education, Liverpool Law School, explores the intricate relationship between development agendas and human rights frameworks, questioning how macroeconomic policies can either advance or undermine socio-economic rights.

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UK Law & Politics

Since the Brexit referendum in 2016, the UK has faced challenges in balancing competing interests within its own political landscape and managing the outcomes of Brexit-related decisions on various sectors of the economy and society. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, constitutional law must adapt to address emerging challenges to ensure its relevance in shaping contemporary governance structures.

In this episode, Professor Mike Gordon, Professor of Law, Liverpool Law School, navigates the UK’s constitutional landscape in the post-Brexit era, and the interplay between law, politics, and democracy.

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Black History and the Criminal Justice System

Named after the former plantation that occupied its grounds, Angola State Prison remains the US’s largest maximum-security prison, and has a dark past marked by harsh conditions, violence, and systemic issues.

In this episode, Dr Nathalie Rech, Post-doctoral Researcher, School of Law and Social Justice, leads us on a journey through the experiences of prisoners at Angola State Prison during the 20th century, emphasising the crucial connection between historical inquiry and contemporary concerns.

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Human Rights Day

10 December 2023, Human Rights Day, marks the 75th anniversary of one of the world's most groundbreaking global pledges: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). 

To mark the occasion, Dr Azadeh Chalabi, Senior Lecturer in Law, School of Law and Social Justice, discusses Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and how to reconcile the universality of human rights and cultural relativism, in our latest podcast episode. 

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