Progressing from University of Liverpool International College (UoLIC)

If you’re studying a Foundation Certificate or Pre-Master's course at University of Liverpool International College, here's the steps you need to follow to progress successfully to your intended degree with us.


1. Confirm your place

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) requires the University to confirm that you're going to take up your place on your intended degree with us as planned before we can act as your immigration sponsor. This rule applies to all UK institutions.

Before your final examinations on your Foundation Certificate or Pre-Master's, you’ll receive an acceptance form. This must be completed in full and returned to University of Liverpool International College (UoLIC) by the relevant deadline. You should only complete and return this form if you’re intending to continue your studies at the University of Liverpool and are sure about your choice of course to progress onto. 

The form will ask you to confirm the details we need to request a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) statement from the UKVI for you. It's really important you ensure that these details match those on your passport or your visa application may be refused.


2. Meet the terms of your offer

After submitting your acceptance form, you'll have a guaranteed place on your chosen degree with us, as long as you meet the terms of your offer. These are the conditions outlined in the offer you received to study at UoLIC and progress to the University of Liverpool.

Once you've completed your Foundation Certificate or Pre-Master's, we'll email you an unconditional offer letter as soon as possible after we've received confirmation of your exam results from UoLIC. This email will be sent to your Liverpool email account.


3. Obtain an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate (if required)

For some courses and research areas in science, engineering and technology, the UK Government require international applicants to gain clearance to study in the UK.

If you're progressing onto a programme that requires ATAS clearance, you'll receive an ATAS statement by email with important information that you'll need to apply for your ATAS certificate. 

Where an ATAS certificate is required, this is mandatory and your Student visa application will be unsuccessful without it.


4. Get your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) statement

Before you can apply for your visa, you'll need a CAS statement. This is a unique reference number linking you to the University, which UK Visas and Immigration will use to identify you.

We'll send your CAS statement to your Liverpool email address as soon as possible after we've received confirmation of your exam results from UoLIC.

Please note, if you require an ATAS certificate for your intended undergraduate degree or master's, you'll need to obtain this before we can issue your CAS statement.

Your CAS statement must match the information you provide when you submit your Student visa application so it's important to check it carefully to make sure that all of the information is correct.


5. Apply for your Student visa

Once you’ve received your CAS statement, you should be ready to apply for your Student visa.

Our guides to applying for a Student visa from overseas and extending your Student visa in the UK will guide you through the application process.


6. Secure your accommodation

As a UoLIC student, you'll be guaranteed a place in University accommodation if you meet the terms of your offer and confirm your place.

Our Accommodation Office will send you an email invitation to apply for accommodation. You'll need to wait until you receive this invitation before you can apply.

We recommend looking at accommodation well in advance and deciding which halls you'd like to apply for. This way, you’ll be ready to apply for your preferred place to live as soon as you receive your email invitation. Applications are submitted online through the Liverpool Life portal.


7. Pay your tuition fees

Arrangements for how to pay your tuition fees vary depending on whether you (or your family) are paying your tuition fees, or if they’re being paid on your behalf by a sponsor.

If you’re self-financing and paying the tuition fees yourself, you can pay your tuition fees for each year of study in a single payment or in instalments. Whichever option you choose, you need to ensure you pay the required fee amount by the relevant deadline.

We offer a range of scholarships for students progressing to undergraduate degrees and master's with us from UoLIC. These scholarships, which reward academic excellence, can provide tuition fee discounts to eligible international students joining non-clinical courses from a UoLIC Foundation Certificate or Pre-Master's course.


8. Complete the international student registration process

You'll need to attend an international student registration session prior to the start of your course. Here we'll check and scan your immigration documents and upload them to your student record.

You're now all set to start your course and enjoy the welcome events and activities across campus.

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