The University of Liverpool's Grand Celebration of Liverpool’s Mosaic Cultural Heritage

Posted on: 25 October 2023 by Ataa Alsalloum in 2023 Posts

Transcultural Heritage launch event

On Tuesday, 25th July 2023, the illustrious Leggate Theatre at the Victoria Gallery and Museum resonated with the melodies and tales of Liverpool's vibrant cultural tapestry. An extraordinary gathering took place, highlighting the interactions and synergies between the diverse communities of Merseyside. This cross-cultural infusion has spurred the birth of novel and exhilarating cultural practices in the region.

This grand event marked the pinnacle of the ground-breaking research project: "Safeguarding Transplanted and Indigenous Intangible Cultural Heritage in the UK". Under the leadership of Dr. Ataa Alsalloum, Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Heritage at the University, the project delved deep into the evolving nuances of cultural heritage brought about by the confluence of various nationalities in hubs like Liverpool.

Watch some highlights from the event below:

Dr. Alsalloum shared her insights: "This initiative has underscored shared intangible cultural heritage (ICH) as a pivotal force behind fostering inclusivity and social cohesion. By actively engaging communities and heritage custodians, we've embarked on an unprecedented journey, harnessing ICH to fortify a harmonious community within the Liverpool City Region."


Dr Ataar Alsalloum

The event was graced by esteemed speakers, notably Professor Fiona Beveridge, Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Beveridge warmly welcomed attendees to the historic Leggate Theatre, a gem within the University of Liverpool's precinct. Nestled within the Grade II listed Victoria gallery and museum building, this venue stands as a testament to time, having been inaugurated in 1892 and re-opened by HRH The Princess Royal in 2008. She underscored the university's pivotal role as a beacon of civic engagement and knowledge within the region.

This celebration was enriched by riveting debates, enlightening film documentaries crafted by the exceptional Monika Koeck, and first-hand narratives from community members of diverse nationalities, all of whom have woven their tales into the rich fabric of Liverpool.


The young musicians and Peter Morgan.

One of the evening’s highlights was a mesmerising musical sequence steered by Mr. Peter Morgan, a maestro violinist and educator. He was accompanied by a group of young violinists from Merseyside, each tracing their roots to different corners of the globe. These young virtuosos not only showcased melodies from their native lands but also came together in a stirring rendition of an Irish folk song.

Mr. Morgan, reflecting on the influence of the Intangible Cultural Heritage project, remarked, "This initiative has rejuvenated our musical practices, ushering in a diverse array of tunes from around the world. It has reminded us of the fading 'Lilting' tradition, particularly the 'Dingle Regatta' tune, which we've joyfully reintroduced."

This event was not just a celebration but also an affirmation of the university's commitment to cherishing and safeguarding cultural heritage. It stands as a testament to the power of intangible cultural heritage in bridging gaps, fostering understanding, and weaving together the diverse threads of humanity in Liverpool and beyond.

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