Photo of Professor Fiona Beveridge

Professor Fiona Beveridge LL.B; M.Phil

Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


    Personal Statement

    Professor Fiona Beveridge specialises in EU Social law, especially gender equality.

    Fiona’s work focuses on law and policy-making processes and the ways in which gender equality concerns can be addressed in these areas. She has a particular expertise in gender mainstreaming (that is, the idea that gender concerns should be addressed systematically in all areas and by all actors),and how this is implemented in international institutions, the EU, and in individual states.

    In the UK this approach is best exemplified by the public sector equality duty, now contained in the Equality Act 2010.

    Fiona has published extensively in this area, with articles on gender mainstreaming in the devolved parts of the UK, in international trade institutions, in the process of accession to the EU, as well as within the EU’s own policymaking processes. She is particularly interested in the interaction between ‘soft’ policy and ‘hard’ law in the equality field. In 2015, she produced (with Cengiz) a report for the European Parliament women's Rights Committee on a Gender Budgeting Methodology for the EU: "The EU Budget for Gender Equality", available here: