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Join Professor Tom Solomon as he hosts a regular discussion of Coronavirus and its impact on science and society in Liverpool.

Monday 11 October 2021


Scouse Science Ep 15


This very special episode of the Scouse Science podcast is being held in conjunction with the Liverpool Literary Festival and will be the first in the series to take place in front of a live audience!

Join Professor Tom Solomon as he hosts a regular discussion on Coronavirus and its impact on science and society. Tom talks with leading researchers about the scientific progress being made to tackle the virus and chats about the wider impact of the pandemic with some famous faces.

Prof Tom Solomon will be joined by two fantastic medical authors, Dr Rachel Clarke and Dr Gavin Francis, who have both released best-selling books during the pandemic.

Guests on both Facebook and Zoom will be able to ask questions to the panel.

Dr Rachel Clarke as well as being an NHS doctor of Palliative Care, is also the author of the Sunday Times best-selling book 'Breathtaking', an insider's account of medicine in the time of coronavirus, based on Clarke’s own experiences working on frontline NHS Covid-19 wards. You can follow her on Twitter @doctor_oxford.

Dr Gavin Francis, an NHS GP who works in both urban and rural communities, splitting his time between Edinburgh and the islands of Orkney and the best selling author of 'Intensive Care', a deeply personal account of nine months spent caring for a society in crisis. You can follow him on Twitter @gavinfranc.

Prof Tom Solomon is Director of the UK's Emerging Infections Research Unit based as the University of Liverpool, is on the NHS front line at the Walton Neuro Centre and Royal Liverpool University Hospital, and appears regularly on television and radio discussing science. You can follow him @RunningMadProf on Twitter.

Holly Ellis really is a Scouse Scientist. Having studied undergraduate Biological Sciences at Oxford University, she’s now a Clinical Scientist in Genomics with the NHS. You can follow her @ScientistScouse on Twitter, and find original content on her YouTube channel, The Scouse Scientist.


This event will have two ticket types:  

To attend in person: There are a limited number of tickets available for guests to join the Scouse Science panel in person at the Liverpool Science Park!

Tickets for in person guests will be £6 full price and £4 for concessions. More information regarding eligibility for concession tickets can be found on the Eventbrite booking site.

A book signing will follow the event and will run until 3.15pm with books available to purchase on the day.

Guests with in person tickets should arrive no later than 1.15pm.


To attend the event online: The Scouse Science podcast will also be streamed via Zoom and the University of Liverpool Facebook page. Book a place in the live Zoom audience now.


 This LIVE Scouse Science Podcast is being held conjunction with: literary festival



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