Meet the team

Suzie Thompson
Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Suzie is responsible for the strategic leadership of the team, which includes fundraising, alumni relations and operations professionals. Suzie leads the team to collectively create and sustain a globally connected community that supports, contributes and enables the University of Liverpool's global strategy for the advancement of learning and ennoblement of life. In particular Suzie works with ultra-high net worth individuals who give back philanthropically in support of institutional fundraising priorities.
0151 795 4619


Monica Holmes

Monica Holmes
Executive Assistant to the Director

Monica is the Executive Assistant to Suzie the Director.
0151 795 4683



General enquiries: 

Michaela RichesMichaela Riches
Associate Director of Development

Michaela oversees the institution’s relationships with current and potential donors to the University, particularly those at the highest level of giving. If you are interested in contributing to Liverpool’s future, please contact Michaela to discuss your gift.
0151 795 2348


Rosita Spenton
Development Assistant

Rosita provides the team with project management, administrative and organisational support. She is the main point of contact for general fundraising enquiries and information.


Mark Horne
Development Manager

Mark works with outstanding Liverpool alumni who want to give back to the University by supporting our fundraising priorities, volunteering their time, and sharing their experience with students.
0151 794 6940


Sarah LeeSarah Lee
Development Manager

Sarah builds relationships with outstanding alumni and supporters who want to give back to the University by supporting our fundraising priorities, volunteering their time, and sharing experiences with our students today.
0151 795 8269 


Sarah GreenDr Sarah Green
Development Officer

Sarah builds relationships with outstanding alumni who want to give back to the University by supporting our fundraising priorities, volunteering their time and sharing experiences with our current students.
0151 795 1198


Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones
Legacy Officer

Carolyn is the first point of contact for supporters who are considering leaving a gift to the University in their Will. She is responsible for all aspects of the legacy giving programme, helping to raise awareness through calendar events and developing marketing materials.
0151 795 1067


Stephanie Donnelly
Head of Operations

Stephanie is responsible for overseeing the strategic planning of the team ensuring all activities are aligned to DART’s strategic plan and support KPIs. Stephanie is also responsible for the development and management of DART’s specialists functions: Prospect Research, Communications, Stewardship and Data Management which support DART activity through effective and effect operations. Stephanie is also the teams GDPR specialist, please speak to her if you wish to contact alumni or have any alumni data queries.


Stephen Kehoe
Research Manager

Stephen is responsible for identifying potential new donors as well as managing the team’s financial reporting and fundraising forecasting.


Patrick Clancy
Data Systems and Insight Officer

Patrick looks after the alumni database and associated systems, and interprets and analyses the data held by the University to provide meaningful statistics, information, and explanations.
He collaborates with departments across the University to develop modern and practicable solutions using a wealth of Alumni, Fundraising, and Volunteering data.


Josh James-Farrell
Research & Operations Assistant

Josh helps to identify potential new donors and ensure the information the team holds is accurate and up to date. He works closely with the Research Manager and Development team to help progress relationships with our supporters. 

Deborah Wood
Communications Manager

Deborah is responsible for overseeing the communications function that supports the team’s engagement and fundraising priorities. She collaborates with colleagues to help develop new and interesting ways to engage Liverpool’s global alumni community, and helps communicate the impact of alumni support to the wider University.

Dr Carly Deering
Supporter Communications Officer

Carly is responsible for communicating with donors to keep them informed of the impact and outcomes of their donations, updating them on relevant activities at the University and accomplishments of scholarship recipients.  


Dr Yiyi Wang
Alumni Communications Officer

Yiyi supports the delivery of our communication priorities, particularly our digital communications which includes our alumni e-newsletters and managing our social media channels. 



General enquiries: 


Anita IrvingAnita Irving
Associate Director, Alumni Engagement and Regular Giving

Anita manages the Alumni Relations team and its strategy to connect to the global network of more than 250,000 Liverpool alumni, parents and supporters.
0151 795 5642 


Caroline MitchellCaroline Mitchell
Head of Alumni Engagement

Caroline is responsible for our alumni and global volunteer networks, including the University’s online mentoring and e-networking platform, Liverpool Connect.
0151 795 5575   


Ivy SalaIvy Sala
Regular Giving Manager

Ivy looks after our fundraising activity through telephone, mail and email campaigns for the as well as coordinating the disbursement of funds to student-facing projects.
0151 794 6987


Heibei FengHaibei Feng
Alumni Engagement Manager (China)

Haibei is responsible for engaging with University of Liverpool alumni living in Mainland China and is based at XJTLU, our partner campus in Suzhou. She would love to hear from any alumni in the China networks, whether you are Chinese or expatriate.
0086 512 88169091


Leo Evans
Young Alumni Engagement Officer

Leo is responsible for engaging with and supporting students and , with particular responsibility for social media, graduation, employability programmes and the Graduate Outcomes Survey.
0151 795 4618


Andy HarrisonAndy Harrison
International Alumni Engagement Officer

Andy supports our global community of graduates through networking and social events, the alumni ambassador programme and international alumni associations. Andy is the first point of contact for any alumni living outside of the UK.
0151 795 4638


Chantel Baldry
Volunteer Engagement Manager 

Volunteer Engagement Officer

The Volunteer Engagement Officer is responsible for our alumni and supporter volunteer engagement programme. 


Lisa Gerraty
Alumni Engagement Manager (University of Liverpool Management School)

Lisa is responsible for our global network of Management School alumni, with a particular focus on engaging Postgraduate alumni.


Headshot of DART team member Sam Riella
 Alumni Engagement Officer (Management School)

  Sam is responsible for engaging with our Management School undergraduate alumni, both in the UK and overseas, and encourages them to remain actively involved in the life of the University.