Your Liverpool Legacy

After making sure the people you love are taken care of, remembering us in your Will is an extraordinary way to celebrate your life while supporting the causes that are important to you.

Whether your gift supports life-changing, world-leading research into the biggest challenges faced by society, shapes the student experience through capital projects and campus infrastructure, or funds scholarships, prizes and bursaries which allow students to study at Liverpool who otherwise would not have been able to, you will be leaving a significant legacy for future generations.  

Did you know that you can leave as little as 1% of your estate to the University as a charitable gift in your Will, and a gift of 10% may help reduce inheritance tax on your entire estate?

Whether you are considering leaving a fixed sum of money, a share of your estate or a specific item to the University, it would be our honour to work with you to help ensure your wishes are carried out.

To include us in your Will, your professional advisor will need:

  • Our details: The University of Liverpool is an exempt charity under the terms of the Charities Act 2011 (HMRC charity exemption number X7758). Further information about the University’s charitable status is available in the Governance section of our website.
  • Our registered address: University of Liverpool, Foundation Building, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, L69 7ZX.

Already pledged a gift?

If you have decided to leave a gift to the University in your Will, please let us know. It will help us to share our sincere gratitude and keep you updated on the area you would like to support.


Thank you for your kind consideration, we appreciate the significance of making or updating your Will, and that it is a personal decision. 

If you would like more information about remembering the University of Liverpool in your Will, or for suggested wording, please contact Carolyn Jones (Legacy Officer) by email: or by telephone: 0151 795 1067.

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