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Student Fund

Will you be the difference for a student who needs it most?

Demand for emergency funding has almost tripled in the last year. You can help students facing challenges to stay on their course and achieve.

Please give what you can today.

How your gift will help

With your support today, we can ensure we help every deserving student, every time, when they need it most. Your donations can:

  • help a student overcome barriers to come to Liverpool
  • support a student through the tough winter months
  • provide emergency funds to help a student in crisis

Provide a lifeline to a student today.

Why students need your help

Without additional financial help, many students may miss out on life-shaping experiences or drop out altogether.

  • Many students face significant challenges to come to Liverpool and will have no support network to call on for help.
  • Students from our local area face barriers too; more than 1 in 4 Liverpool children live in poverty, much higher than the national average.
  • The second semester is critical – yet financial pressures mean many students have to take on more paid work, taking their focus away from their studies.

Give today

Your gift to the Liverpool Student Fund will fund hardship grants, annual bursaries and scholarships, so more students can achieve all they want to achieve here at Liverpool. Donate today and help a student thrive at Liverpool.

Please consider making a regular gift to help provide long-term support and opportunities to all students.

Donate now

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