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Vet Student Fund

Will you support the future of veterinary science?

Imagine a world where every aspiring veterinary student can pursue their passion regardless of their circumstances or background. That’s what the Vet Student Fund is all about.

Veterinary students can face many challenges when navigating their degrees. The length and intensity of their courses can leave some students vulnerable to emotional and financial stress. These barriers can deter talented individuals from pursuing a career in veterinary science or may cause others to drop out altogether.

You can be there for a student in need. Your help will increase the support available to veterinary students at Liverpool. This includes scholarships, funding for academic or extra-curricular activities and grants for well-being and development so students can explore their passions, gain valuable experience and network with leaders in the field.

Your support today will extend far beyond the classroom. By giving to the Vet Student Fund, you are investing in future veterinarians, researchers, educators, and advocates who will address emerging health challenges, advance medical treatments and inspire future generations of students to join the field.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Make a gift: Your gift directly supports students in need and helps us expand the opportunities available to veterinary students
  • Spread the word: Share this campaign with your networks to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved
  • Volunteer your time: Consider offering your time and expertise to mentor aspiring veterinarians or assist with fundraising efforts

Please consider making a regular gift to help provide long-term support and opportunities to all students.

Thanks to the Vet Student Fund I was able to partake in veterinary drawing classes. It made such a nice change to be creative on a science-based course. It was a break from lectures and practicals but I still learnt and made new friends. Veterinary Science can feel relentless at times, so being able to sit with no distractions and draw helped me reset. With exams approaching it’s nice to know I have time to step away.

Abigail, second-year veterinary student

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