Professor Barrie Edwards Memorial Fund

Could you help support equine colic research?

The Institute of Veterinary Science has set up this fund in memory of alumnus and Emeritus Professor Barrie Edwards CBE BVSc DVetMed FRCVS who died in 2011.

Professor Edwards (‘Prof’) was at the forefront of developing surgical techniques to save horses with colic and in performing research to understand how to maximise the survival of horses undergoing colic surgery. He is widely regarded as having been one of the best abdominal surgeons in the world and he published multiple papers and written numerous book chapters about colic.

Equine colic research

The University’s Equine Hospital has an international reputation for colic surgery and research, based on the tireless work performed by Professor Edwards. This work continues today and the hospital has one of the largest colic caseloads in the UK. Over the last 20 years, the result of colic research undertaken at the hospital has been presented at conferences worldwide and more than 56 colic-related papers have been published.

Prof. Edwards was a passionate supporter of colic research. He was always immensely proud when research projects undertaken at the hospital, whether by veterinary students, clinicians undertaking residency training at the hospital or by his senior clinician colleagues, were presented or published. We are keen not only to support ongoing colic research but also to keep the ethos of Barrie’s life and work alive.

How can you help?

Ongoing colic research is an important priority at the University of Liverpool and your help is important. We continue to strive to understand more about why various types of colic develop, ways in which colic may be prevented and how we can give horses the best chance of survival.

This fund will support various colic projects undertaken at the hospital, as there are limited external sources of funding to support colic research and to support the presentation of colic research at conferences such as the international colic research symposium. The Barrie Edwards Memorial Fund will be acknowledged in any academic papers published as a result of this funding.

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