Neston Vets Yoga

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Through the Alumni and Friends Fund Grant, Neston Vets Yoga was founded. Weekly yoga classes are run for the vet students based at Leahurst campus.

The classes offer students a place to de-stress, with classes promoting both mental and physical health, as well as a strong sense of community and a support system for vets during their clinical years away from the main University campus.

The grants supported the purchase of yoga mats, blocks and blankets, making classes accessible for all. Vet students are facing the cost of living crisis, on top of the stress and pressure which can come with a course such as Veterinary Science, so having accessible activities outside of class is essential for the wellbeing of students.

Class founder Anna said: “We would like to thank all of the fund supporters for this generous grant. This funding has come at the perfect time for us, whilst the cost of living crisis has hindered so many people from participating in activities that they enjoy, we will now be able to provide the best quality yoga classes to vet students in their clinical years, regardless of their ability to purchase equipment including yoga mats.”

The classes have been a lifeline for many at the Leahurst campus with one participant saying: “I love the group and the vibe, how every emotion was welcome and how this was made abundantly clear. Self-love being the main theme of the class was something I didn’t know I needed, but I felt that I really did.”

To find out more about the Student Vet Fund and how you can support students like Anna, visit our webpage.