Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply


The ARCoES project has four main strands.

Modelling Strands

  • modelling beach profile and coastal morphology
  • modelling flood risk from storms and river discharge events
  • modelling coastal erosion, sedimentation and ecosystems
  • modelling sediment transport at regional seas level
  • modelling economic resilience of energy infrastructure

Model Validation

  • using sedimentary, historical and monitoring data on past coastal change
  • using radionuclide dispersal as a tracer of sediment transport patterns
  • hindcasting using past initial conditions

Decision Support

  • using open source GIS
  • illustrating coastal change as a series of maps and scenarios
  • flood risk maps
  • modelled changes of shoreline position, coastal morphology and ecology
  • network resilience analysis
  • Try the coastal flood risk map: Decision Support Tool

Engagement and Dissemination

  • working with partners
  • supplementary ongoing monitoring and prediction
  • engaging the stakeholder community at local level
  • interactive testing of decision support tool
  • reflective dissemination of project outputs