Robyn Owen - Ocean Sciences MOSci (Hons)

What does your role involve and what is a typical work day like?

My main role is to process and ingest data into the BODC system which includes quality control and ensuring a dataset is 'future proof'. This involves good communication with the scientist to establish that we have all the required metadata and data required. Part of my typical day also involves project management which includes supporting the Principal Investigator with the data management aspect of the project, managing resources and ensuring all data is submitted and ingested in a timely manner. I am also part of the enquiries team at BODC so will service requests for data and any queries from external users.

Why did you choose to study Ocean Sciences at the University of Liverpool?

Whilst studying for my A Levels I was unsure whether to pursue mathematics or ocean sciences at university and Liverpool allowed me to combine the two subjects. During Open Days I also found the department to be a welcoming, proactive and supportive environment. 

How did your degree course prepare you for your current job?

The course gave me a good all round knowledge in all areas of Ocean Sciences which has led to me being able to tackle all data types that are submitted to BODC with confidence. The Sea Practical module also gave me the knowledge to understand how a research cruise operates. I was able to put this knowledge into practice earlier this year when I had the opportunity to spend a month in the Arctic on board RRS James Clark Ross as the onboard data manager. 

What did you feel was the most rewarding element of the course?

I see the Sea Practical module as the most rewarding aspect of the course as it put into perspective the practical side of ocean sciences and gave context to a lot of the classroom based work. During the sea practical and resulting lab work, I also took the role of data management which contributed to my interest in and viewing data management as a career option. 

What did you enjoy most about your student experience

I really enjoyed being part of such a close knit group. As the course had a relatively small cohort it allowed for both students and staff to get to know each other resulting in a really close group in both a work and social capacity. 

Did you undertake a placement/internship?

Although I did not complete a placement during my time at university, I completed a three month internship at the UK Hydrographic Office immediately after finishing my degree. 

What are your career goals for the future?

I want to continue to develop at BODC, particularly the project management aspect of my role and would love the opportunity to be the data manager onboard a research cruise again.