Undergraduate Courses

Our ocean science undergraduate degrees are taught by internationally known experts in the school, at the National Oceanography Centre next door and in departments across the University.

With a choice of ocean science programmes you can pursue the aspects that interest you the most. Here are the main options:

Our programmes are designed to give you a deep understanding of the latest ocean theories, ideas and challenges, together with practical scientific skills that will serve you well in this and many other fields.

These skills include developing research questions, computer modelling, designing and implementing laboratory studies, working in the field, analysing data and applying ocean science to real world challenges.

Work in the lecture theatre and lab is joined by regular field study, and with our research partners. You would also complete a third year research project under expert supervision.

We want to try and help you prepare for the day-to-day costs of studying. These might include things like photocopying in the library, buying textbooks and specialist equipment or going on field classes. We have put together tables of additional costs for guidance, for each subject area, including where departments make contributions towards these costs. The Study costs guides should help you with your budgeting.