Your Learning Environment

Working with experts

Ecology and Marine Biology students studying at Liverpool University benefit from our activities that are co-taught by experts from the field. For example, in a 2nd year module, our students are taught by and get to interact with experts from the Marine Biological Association, the UK’s Learned Society for Marine Biologists.

One of our lecturers has a joint position with the MBA providing a close working relationship and links to experts who teach our Year 2 students. In 1st year and 3rd year we work with the Field Studies Council to provide bespoke field training from centres based in Wales and Scotland, and we also have experts from the World Museum Liverpool who help teach our 1st year students and co-supervise some dissertation projects. 

During Independent Study Activities between 2nd and 3rd year, students experience more about a current topic that interests them. Students interact directly with experts in this topic from anywhere in the world to ensure that their knowledge is up to date and connected to the latest developments in techniques, technology and policy.