About combined degrees

Why study a combined degree? Here you will find some of the key benefits of studying two subjects as part of the same degree.

With a combined degree:

  • You can choose from 30 subjects and over 300 combinations to build your own degree
  • The majority of combinations allow you to adjust the weighting of your chosen subjects by 25% at the end of your first year
  • Study the same number of credits and in the same classes as single Honours students. You just take fewer modules in each subject.
  • You'll appeal to a wide range of employers.


The University of Liverpool is one of only a few UK universities that offers this kind of flexible degree. With 30 subjects and over 300 subject combinations to choose from, there’s bound to be a programme that suits your interests. What’s more, by studying two subjects you will acquire breadth as well as depth of knowledge, allowing you to make connections across disciplines. In doing so, you will develop skills that may enhance the opportunities available to you when you graduate.


We understand that choosing what to study at university can be daunting and that things can change once you start your degree. That’s why most combined degrees give you the opportunity to adjust the weighting of your chosen subjects by 25% at the end of your first year. As a result, you will have the reassurance of being able to shape the focus of your degree as your interests and strengths evolve.


Recruiters actively target universities where they believe they will find students with the mix of knowledge and skills to fit their organisation. As a member of the Russell Group, Liverpool’s reputation consistently attracts major employers who return to campus year after year.

One of the skills that many employers increasingly prize is versatility. With the jobs market evolving constantly in response to cultural and technological developments, the ability to respond and adapt to change is crucial. Studying two subjects and developing expertise across multiple disciplines as part of your degree will help to prepare you for this world, enabling you to stand out from other graduates.


Your degree certificate will refer clearly to the subjects you choose, demonstrating to prospective employers the breadth of knowledge and the multidisciplinary skills you will have acquired during the course of your studies. For 50/50 programmes, you degree will be listed as – for example – Sociology and Criminology, while a major/ minor degree will be listed as – for example – Sociology with Criminology.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad and immersing yourself in a different culture is a great way to expand your horizons and further enhance your employability in a global jobs market. The University of Liverpool has partner universities in 27 countries, including our unique joint venture in China at Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University. As a combined degrees student, you can apply to spend part of your degree overseas if both of your chosen subjects have compatible partners. Visit our Study Abroad and Year in China pages for more information.

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