Combined degrees: one degree, two subjects

Combined degrees in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences allow you to study two subjects as part of the same degree programme. With 30 subjects and over 300 combinations to pick from, you can choose a degree that enables you to develop your interests and strengths in multiple areas. Choose from joint (50/50) or major/ minor (75/25) and language options.

50:50 combinations 50 50 combined degrees

Joint (50/50) options

Our most popular type of combined degree. Perfect if you’re equally interested in two subjects.

75:25 combinations Group module

Major/ minor (75/25) options

We offer select combinations on a major/ minor basis. 75% of your credits come from your major subject and 25% from your minor.

Language options Languages combined degrees module

Language options

With eight languages to choose from, you can build on existing knowledge or study something new. 50/50 and 75/25 options are available.

About combined degrees About combined degrees module

About combined degrees

Why study a combined degree? Learn more about some of the benefits of studying two subjects.

Tuition fees for combined degrees Two students are walking across University Square with the umbrella display in the background.

Tuition fees for combined degrees

Check tuition fees for all available degree combinations.