Languages at Liverpool

At the University of Liverpool we put languages at the centre of our strategy as an internationally focused institution, which seeks to develop students as ‘global citizens’ of the future.

Why study languages?

Learning a new language develops your cultural awareness, opens up new career fields and helps you stand out in a competitive global economy. Today’s society is increasingly globalised, which means that managing relationships across cultures is often essential for organisations to thrive. Graduates who speak another language are therefore in high demand with business and industry, in roles that extend well beyond interpreting and translation to encompass all elements of business transaction, international cooperation and politics.

Being able to speak another language empowers you in a variety of ways:

  • Develop high level communication and listening skills that set you up for life
  • Set yourself apart and open up a world of career opportunities
  • Expand your options to study, work or travel abroad
  • Learn to navigate between different cultures and communities
  • Understand and appreciate cultural references and nuances
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your own culture.

How does it work?

At Liverpool, you can learn a new language, or further develop your language skills through two different routes:

Choose the right course for you

Whichever option you choose, you can learn French, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan. Our courses are available at beginner,
intermediate or advanced level.

Language and culture are fully integrated in all our modules. In addition to listening, speaking, reading and writing the language, you will also learn about the foreign culture and develop your intercultural sensitivity and communication skills.

Broaden your understanding of language and culture with a year abroad

If your language component makes 25% or more of your degree you continue to study your language beyond Year One and achieve an advanced level. You can also spend one year abroad to work or study in a country where your language is spoken. Our Year Abroad scheme is well-organised, supervised and assessed as an integral part of your studies. The experience will allow you to gain a much greater knowledge and appreciation of your chosen language, as well as a set of professional and personal skills proven to enhance your employability.

The University allows us to develop our individual language ability through a variety of module and extracurricular activities, such as guest speakers and language societies. The staff really focus on bringing out the best in their students and they are always so supportive if we ever need any help or advice.

Tean Birch, Modern Languages BA (Hons)

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