Attending education fairs

Here are some of our tips for those attending an education fair.

Before the exhibition:


Think about what subjects you enjoy and will set you up for your dream career. Use the UCAS course finder so that you can make a list of the institutions who offer degrees in this area.

Home or away?

If you want to stay at home look at travel options to see which institutions you can easily travel to. If you want to move out think about where you would like to live. Would a big city or a rural location, a small specialist college or a large cosmopolitan university suit you?


Find a sturdy bag to take with you!


If there is a programme mark the location of the stalls that you want to visit and see if there are any talks on offer.


Prepare a few questions to help you work out where you want to apply. You might like to base them on the following themes:

  • Admissions. Ask about grades, preferred subjects, whether there is an interview, and tips for your personal statement.
  • Opportunities. University is much more than just sitting in a classroom so make sure you think of questions about other options that may be available to you. Study abroad, work placements, and getting involved with sports and societies are a great way to boost your CV.
  • Finance. What scholarships are you eligible for and how do you apply for them?

At the event:

Keep on task

Don’t be distracted by offers of plastic and edible freebies. Collect these after you have visited the stalls that you are interested in.

Stay in contact

If you leave your contact details with universities they will send you information relating to upcoming events and perhaps send you advice about the application process. At UCAS exhibitions some universities will use scanners, while at smaller events iPads or even paper forms to collect your contact details.


Collect prospectuses and flyers from institutions you are interested in. Hopefully by having made your list in advance you won’t be too weighed down.


Make sure you ask the questions you have prepared whether they are about admissions or student life. Don’t be shy about this as it makes the event more interesting for reps if you chat to them.


Ask about Open Days and any other opportunities, such as subject taster days, to visit institutions to see facilities in person.

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