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Liverpool digital

Liverpool digital is at the heart of our research revolution.

Research in Digital at the University of Liverpool is enabling the transformation of society and industry through the generation, communication and application of data.

We are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges by harnessing the digital revolution to help deliver better health, social justice and industrial competitiveness.

Our digital expertise underpins discovery and applications across the sciences and humanities at the University, by improving research and analysis techniques and broadening research and innovation possibilities.

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Research activities

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms

Developing future leaders equipped with essential skills and producing high-performance solutions for forward-thinking businesses.

Lady justice statue against a computer screen

AI in law, democracy and policy making

Experts at the University of Liverpool are harnessing a more human side to artificial intelligence to support decision making in justice, e-democracy and policy making.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool are at the vanguard of the effort to develop better computer programs for better autonomous machines, to perform more effectively in hazardous places.

Autonomous robots in hazardous environments

Scientists at the University of Liverpool are at the vanguard of the effort to develop better computer programs for autonomous machines to perform more effectively in hazardous places.

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Big ideas from Big Data

From the humble store card to mobile phones, we’re all producers of data, and scientists are learning how to collate and use huge volumes of public and commercial data for positive social outcomes.

Smart control panel on wall

Intelligent machines in houses and space

People are living longer lives, and researchers are developing intelligent domestic robots that are set to make our twilight years safer, more comfortable, and healthier.

Uses of topological data analysis (TDA)

Uses of topological data analysis (TDA)

Topological data analysis (TDA) promises to uncover the underlying patterns in everything from climate research data to digital pictures posted online.

The Liverpool Advantage - facilities and partnerships

Virtual Engineering Centre

Knowledge Centres and facilities

Centres and facilities such as the Virtual Engineering Centre, Sensor City and the Materials Innovation Factory support and strengthen our digital innovation.

Materials Innovation Factory


Through our partnerships with organisations including HartreeUnileverAlder Hey, LCR4.0 and National Nuclear Laboratories, we are able to create real impact.

digital innovators

Digital Innovators

Our postgraduate and CPD courses such as Big Data and High Performance Computing MSc and Advanced Transdisciplinary Design MSc are developing the next generation of digital innovators.

Meet some of our leading academics in digital research:

Professor Katie Atkinson

Professor Katie Atkinson

Dean of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science

Professor Alex Singleton

Professor Alex Singleton

Professor of Geographic Information Science

Professor Simon Maskell

Professor Simon Maskell

Professor of Big Data

Professor Michael Fisher

Professor Michael Fisher

Professor of Autonomous Systems

Prof Simeon Yates

Professor Simeon Yates

Director of Institute of Cultural Capital

Professor Eann Patterson

Professor Eann Patterson

AA Griffith Chair of Structural Materials and Mechanics

Professor Ke Chen

Professor Ke Chen

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

Professor Barry Godfrey

Professor Barry Godfrey

Professor of Social Justice

Professor Claire Taylor

Professor Claire Taylor

Professor in Hispanic Studies

Professor Andy Jones

Professor Andy Jones

Professor of Bioinformatics

Paul Watry

Professor Paul Watry

Professor, Psychological Sciences

Alan Marshall

Professor Alan Marshall

Head of Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics