Networking and events

We are always looking for opportunities to connect our researchers with our local, national and international audiences to nurture long-term policy engagement relationships. Below are some examples of the ways we share academic expertise.

Policy impact events

The Heseltine Institute offer a series of events designed to share best practice and equip our researchers with the skills and knowledge needed to make an impact in their research. Access the Heseltine Institute's events series


Universities Policy Engagement Network

The Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) is a community of UK universities committed to increasing the impact of research on policy. UPEN offers a dedicated contact point for policymakers, and a collective response to requests for evidence. They also organise knowledge exchange events with government, parliament, devolved bodies, and identifies mechanisms to take forward specific projects.

As members, we collaborate with other university members to provide a coordinated, efficient, and enhanced offer to policymakers. Visit the UPEN website for more information on how to connect with external stakeholders.


Areas of Research Interest database

Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) are specific topics or issues that the government is interested in. They are a way for government organisations to indicate that they’re keen to hear research evidence or insights related to that area.

By identifying ARIs, the civil service can ensure that research efforts are targeted where evidence is most needed to inform policy decisions and improve government performance. Browse the ARI Database to see how your research could help solve problems and inform government policy.

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