Head of Department
Hedrich, Professor ChristianHead of Department, Professor in Child Health
Hapangama, Professor DharaniDeputy Head of Department, Professor of Gynaecology/Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon
Beresford, Professor MichaelBrough Chair, Professor of Child Health, Honorary Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist
Gladstone, Professor MelissaProfessor of International Child Health and Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics
Lissauer, Professor David
McNamara, Professor PaulProfessor of Child Health, Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Paediatric Medicine
Murray, Professor PatriciaProfessor0151 794 5450
Perry, Professor Daniel
Southern, Professor Kevin Professor of Child Health, Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine0151 228 4811 Ext:3536
Turner, Professor MarkProfessor of Neonatology and Research Delivery0151 702 4118
Weeks, Professor AndrewProfessor
Goodfellow, Dr LauraNIHR Clinical Lecturer
Smith, Dr EveSenior Clinical Fellow
Care, Dr AngharadNIHR Clinical Lecturer0151 795 9566
Tempest, Dr NicolaNIHR Clinical Lecturer0151 795 9584
Postgraduate Research Staff
Afran, Dr Louise Research Fellow
Attar, Dr SabahNetwork Team Leader
Callaghan, Dr FrancesClinical Research Fellow
Carlsson, Dr EmilResearch Associate
Charras, Dr AmandineResearch Associate
Crespo-Llado, Dr MariaResearch Associate
Chetwynd, Dr AndrewResearch Associate
Cuthbert, Mrs AnnaResearch Assistant0151 795 9824
Drury, Mrs JoResearch Assistant
Hill, Dr ChristopherResearch Associate
Medley, Ms NancyResearch Associate0151 795 9571
Magai, Dr DorcasResearch Associate
Maclean, Dr AlisonClinical Research Fellow
Park, Dr JulieClinical Research Fellow
Searle, Dr RebeccaResearch Associate
Serafim de Carvalho Kok, Dr Ana LuciaResearch Associate
Taylor, Dr ArthurResearch Associate
Van der Veer, Dr CharlotteResearch Associate
Senior Lecturers
Hawcutt, Dr DanReader Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Merriel, Dr AbiSenior Clinical Lecturer
McWilliam, Dr SteveSenior Lecturer in Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology
Oni, Dr LouiseSenior Lecturer in Paediatric Nephrology and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist
Sharp, Dr AndrewSenior Clinical Lecturer0151 795 9561
Wallace, Dr HelenSenior Lecturer
Wilm, Dr BettinaSenior Lecturer0151 795 4988
Professional Services
Ainsworth, Mrs JennyYouth Participation Officer
Bickerstaff, Mrs ChloeOperations Manager
Brooke, Ms SarahResearch Centre Administrator
Cooper, Miss LucySenior Programme Manager
Ebringer, Mrs MiroslavaAdministrator
Faisal, Mrs SaminaStudy Coordinator
Harrold, Dr JaneManager
Hall, Mrs KimPA to Deputy HoD/Management Services Administrator
Hampson, Ms LynnTrial Search Co-Ordinator0151 702 4264
Jahnke, Mrs Nikki
Jensen, Ms SarahResearch Coordinator
Johnstone, Mr GaryManager
Kellie, Dr FrancesManaging Editor0151 795 9570
Lambert, Ms DotSANYU Research Manager0151 795 9579
Preston, Ms JenniferConsumer Liaison Officer - MCRN
Rafferty, Dr KarenEATC4 Operations Manager
Richards, Ms BarbaraProject Co-Ordinator0151 795 9555
Ricketts, Mrs TraceyResearch Co-ordinator0151 795 9562
Roberts, Mrs CarlaAdministrator - JSLE
Saphier, Mrs MoiraPA to HoD/Management Services Administrator
Stewart-Ryan, Mrs DawnBusiness Developer
Taylor, Mrs Beth0151 795 6706
Carter, Dr AlanCore Laboratory Support Technician
Corkhill, Miss Rachel
Heathcote, Miss LisaTechnical team Leader/Nominated Safety Coordinator0151 795 9583
Mousavinejad, Dr MasoumehTechnician
Williams, Dr SamanthaSenior Research Technician0151 795 9817
PhD/MD Students
Aljassim, Dr Fatimah
Al-lamee, Miss Hannan
Apperley, Dr Louise
Briggs, Dr Paula
Callaghan, Dr Frances
Chapuma, Dr Chikondi
Chimwaza, Dr Yamikani
Dobson, Dr Lucy
Gunduz, Ms Sibel
Kirolos, Dr Amir
Maclean, Dr Alison
Maliwichi, Ms Limbika
Marro, Mr Julien
Martin, Dr Karen
Maver, Miss Helen
Moss, Dr James
Nancarrow, Dr Lewis
Natarajan, Mr Purushothaman
Park, Dr Julie
Phan, Mr Thuan
Powell, Dr Simon
Preston, Ms Jennifer
Riches, Dr Jennifer
Sposito, Miss Francesca
Sultana, Miss Pinky
Wyatt, Mr James