Clinicians using CT scanner

Clinical research

We're advancing research and improving healthcare in our community through our clinical research programmes.

Cardiovascular research

Liverpool City Region has some of the poorest heart health in the country. The Clinical Trials Unit at Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust exists to change this, improving treatment and care for patients with cardiovascular conditions. We have a firm target to improve cardiovascular health across the region by 2024, with Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science working closely with the public to achieve this.

Children's health research

The University's joint venture with Alder Hey, Institute in the Park, is dedicated to improving patient care for children and better understanding their health needs. The institute's location, within the campus of one of Europe's busiest children's hospitals, gives children and healthcare professionals the opportunity to take part in studies. The important insights gained from clinical research are key to improving care for current and future patients.

Women's health research

In partnership with Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust, we study translational perinatal medicine, conduct clinical trials focused on pregnancy and childbirth, and carry out endometrial stem cell research. We aim to provide the best possible health outcomes for mothers and their babies, particularly in high risk or complex cases.

Tests performed on bacteria in CEIDR lab

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