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Musculoskeletal Biology Patient Involvement Panel

Our patient involvement panel is a collaboration between our musculoskeletal biology researchers and members of the public, with personal or family experience of a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

The panel meets at regular intervals throughout the year, giving members an insight into upcoming research projects and ensuring work remains relevant.

The group also collaborate on how to design patient-focused clinical studies. These meetings are centred on research strategy and how to improve future studies, rather than a discussion about symptoms or treatment.

Another important goal of the panel is to support early career researchers and help them to develop their skills.

Here you can view the PPI Privacy Notice when submitting information on the online form.

Academic Testimonials

Dr Liz Laird - "Presenting to the group creates a change of mindset to view the research question from a patient perspective, rather than how it may be viewed by other scientists or clinicians. For us it was the first step on the road to direct patient involvement in the project."

Prof Eithne Comerford – "Our involvement in the Musculoskeletal PIP was a great opportunity for us to express our research plans in lay language and generated an engaged discussion with us and the participants, helping us to improve and clarify this research proposal. They were also keen to discuss our plans for the long-term outcomes and impact of our work as well as how they could be involved in the future."

Dr Rachel Oldershaw - "My research is focused on how stem cells contribute to musculoskeletal disease and how they can be used in the development of treatments. Working with the PPI has enabled me to understand the perceptions of stem cells as a new treatment from the patients perspective, allowing me to focus on approaches to treatment delivery that I previously hadn’t considered."

Patient Partners

Ann - “I would just like to say how grateful I am to you, and the team for giving me the opportunity to be able to be part of the patient panel. I have really learnt a lot and really enjoyed being part of it all. “

Mike  – “By being part of the PIP group it has given me the means to demystify and debunk some of the sensational headlines seen in some of the national press. It is encouraging to view some of the innovative research proposals but it has also clearly shown the inadequate funding for which each proposal has to vie.”

Irene – “As a person with rheumatoid arthritis I have met with research groups specifically interested in me and how various drugs have impacted on me. Joining the Patient Involvement Panel has widened my insight into how much research goes on in all areas of debilitating and chronic illnesses. It is an opportunity to give something back to those working so hard on our behalf.”

Len - "I appreciate all the effort that [goes] into making the science so accessible. I feel that you are empowering patients to have more productive conversations with health professionals and to become true partners in managing our health conditions."

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