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Slavery & Unfree Labour Research Theme Brochure

To mark Anti-Slavery Day (18 October) 2020, the Slavery & Unfree Labour research theme published a review of the projects undertaken within, and colleagues contributing to the theme from across the University.

The University of Liverpool is home to a broad range of research into different examples of slavery and unfree labour across a variety of historical periods and geographical locations. These range from the classical era through empire to contemporary instances of forced labour or human trafficking; from the study of slavery and slavery-like practices, to the investigation of the impacts and legacies of these practices.

The study of slavery and unfree labour involves a range of disciplines and subject fields. These include history, politics, law, archaeology, sociology, psychology, literature and the arts.

The brochure (which you can download below), highlights the breadth of academic study dedicated to slavery and unfree labour, as well as highlighting the many real-world impacts the University’s work is having in combating modern slavery and human trafficking around the world today.

Download the Slavery and Unfree Labour Research Theme Brochure (PDF)

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