Scan of hand axe

Photogrammetry in the Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology

Photogrammetry is used extensively in the assessment of archaeological sites and the recording of archaeological objects.

The researchers and staff within the University of Liverpool’s Department of Archaeology Classics and Egyptology (ACE) have been active photogrammetry users for the last decade and conduct extensive photogrammetry work on a regular basis. 

Since the formation of the ACE Photogrammetry Team, which includes students and staff, the team regularly help support the activities and research interests of staff in a variety of ways (more details coming soon).

As a result of the rich variety of research interests in ACE, the Photogrammetry Team operates widely across the department and interacts with projects as diverse and varied as 400,000 year old hand axes, 4,000 year old hieroglyphs, and 400 year old archaeological sites and buildings. This provides students with the maximum opportunity to get involved with both independent projects of their own (for their own research or for course assignments) and for them to collaborate on staff research projects within the department as well.


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