photogrammetry team members

About Us

The photogrammetry team is a student-centred research group based at the University of Liverpool’s Archaeology, Classics, and Egyptology department. The team consists of both staff and students from a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds who have a collective interest in photogrammetry and its applications.

The foundations for the group were laid in early 2018 when a small group of staff and students came together to discuss various projects involving photogrammetry. Since September 2019, we have fully established ourselves as a group committed to utilising photogrammetry as part of ongoing research.

Members of the photogrammetry team

Part of the Photogrammetry team, from left to right:
Marie Kosnes Lindseth (BA Egyptology), Ardern Hulme-Beaman (Leverhulme Early Career Researcher), Tamar Atkinson (BA Egyptology), Chelsey Hulbert (BA Egyptology), Sarah McBride (BSc Archaeology), Jack Young (MRes Evolutionary Anthropology), Charlotte Sargent (PhD Egyptology), Chris Bebbington (PhD), Kaitlyn McGann (BA Egyptology).

What we do

Our group mission is to facilitate a friendly environment in which people with a shared interest in photogrammetry can gather to develop skills and methodologies through participation in a broad range of projects. These include the recent work to digitally preserve the famous head of local entertainment legend Frank Sidebottom.

When on campus we normally run at least two practical sessions each week where members of the team can work on their projects in a common space, covering both photographic and processing elements of the photogrammetry method. Alongside these practical sessions, we convene weekly to discuss our projects, relay our progress, and advise on future endeavours.

We also work closely with the Garstang Museum and apply our skills in developing a 3D archive of their collections.

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