Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Digital inclusion social housing project

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is implementing the largest social housing digital inclusion project undertaken in the UK, and potentially the US and Europe. The project will link up 5,000 households, across five social housing providers with five Internet Service Providers.

We believe that this represents a unique opportunity to explore digital inclusion issues, policy, practical interventions and social outcomes on a citywide scale.

Led by Professor Simeon Yates, the aim of this project is to explore the socially and economically viable options for social tariff digital inclusion support for social housing tenants including equipment, access, training and support. The project is a collaboration between a number of social housing providers in Manchester (e.g. Wigan and Leigh Housing), technology providers (e.g. Virgin Media) and universities (e.g. UoL). 


Read the GMCA Social Housing Pilot Research Report [PDF 2.8MB]

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