Defence Data Research Centre UK

The Defence Data Research Centre UK (DDRC) team at Liverpool consists of Professor Simeon Yates (Principal Investigator), Dr Alex Hardy, and Dr Suzanne McClure. We are an interdisciplinary team with a shared interest in digital innovation.

We are working on several exciting projects throughout 2023. This research explores the following topics:

  • Optimising and securing workplace data as conceptualised through the criteria of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.
  • Using creative workshops as a novel methodology to talk about data.
  • Commissioning a national survey on attitudes to data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Conducting a meta-analysis of existing survey data on attitudes to data and artificial intelligence.

Our dissemination activities for 2023 will include:

  • Academic journal publications focusing on sociotechnical solutions.
  • Presenting our research at International Conferences.
  • Whitepapers, reports, & collaborative work with our partners at DSTL and Digital Catapult.

Our wider goals for the rest of 2023 are:

  • To work closely with the rest of the DDRC team at Exeter and Surrey
  • Pursue increased collaboration with those teams, DSTL, and the MoD
  • Align our research with existing UK Public Policy such as the AI and Data Strategies

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