Key Contacts in School
Rylance-Graham, Dr RebeccaDean of School
Vicary, Mrs JanSchool Manager0151 794 5589
Fagan, Mrs KarenStudent Experience Team Leader
Keeling, Ms JoanneAssociate Head ( Post Graduate)
Shorney, Mrs LouiseAssociate Head ( Practice Placement and Development)
Patterson, Professor JoanneAssociate Head ( Research)
McKinnell, Dr StephenTechnology Enhanced Learning Lead0151 794 5287
Yip, Mrs JacquelineClinical Simulation Leader
Diagnostic Radiography Staff
Williams, Miss CathProfessional Lead
MacKay, Dr StuartSenior Lecturer
Bennion, Mrs ColetteLecturer0151 794 5123
Harris, Dr DeanLecturer0 7391 414441
Hughes, Mrs VictoriaLecturer
Hussain, Dr ZainabSenior Lecturer0151 794 5763
Kinsley, Dr Victoria Lecturer
Manning-Stanley, Mr AnthonyLecturer0151 794 5752
Ward, Dr TonyLecturer0151 794 5123
Charvill, Mrs Sarah Lecturer
Burton, Mrs LouiseLecturer0151 794 0667
Barlow, Miss JoannaLecturer
Nursing Staff
Jones, Dr Susan Professional Lead
Garner, Mrs VickyProfessional Lead07 771 342308
Thornton, Dr VickySenior Lecturer
Cheetham, Ms KatieLecturer
Cleary, Mr John-PaulLecturer
Crane, Ms JulieSenior Lecturer0151 794 5903
Cromar-Hayes, Mrs MaxineLecturer
Lees, Dr CarolynSenior Lecturer
Marchbank, Ms AlisonLecturer07920 827 500
Marshall, Ms HelenLecturer
Parkinson, Mr DenisLecturer0151 794 5745
Potter, Mrs HelenLecturer
Walker, Miss ClaireLecturer
Nielson, Dr SimonLecturer
Whitmore, Mrs CatherineLecturer
Mgawadere, Dr FlorenceLecturer
Williams, Mrs JanetLecturer
Briggs , Professor Michelle Chair of Nursing
Jackson, Mr WilliamLecturer
Occupational Therapy Staff
Barnes-Brown, Mrs VikkiProfessional Lead07 341 790856
Higginson, Dr MichaelaSenior Lecturer07 880 082582
Edge, Mr ChristopherLecturer07 385 936080
Hanna, Dr JulieLecturer07 771 390136
Humphreys, Dr Anne-LouiseLecturer
Linforth, Ms JoanneLecturer07 776 846339
Matson, Miss RebeccaLecturer
O'Brien, Dr JonathonLecturer0151 794 5724
Rushe, Ms Edwina Lecturer
Stonall, Mrs RachelLecturer0151 794 5716
Bullen, Ms HeatherLecturer
Tiffin, Mrs MarieLecturer
Kay, Mrs AlisonLecturer
Roberts, Mrs HannahLecturer
Saunders, Mrs ClaireLecturer
Orthoptics Staff
Mehta, Dr JignasaProfessional Lead
Adeoye, Mrs JoanneLecturer07 919 290562
Allen, Miss LouiseLecturer07 776 548169
Hanna, Dr KerryLecturer
Warburton, Mrs AshliLecturer0151 794 4951
Murray, Mr CraigLecturer0151 794 5748
O'Connor, Dr AnnaSenior Lecturer0151 794 5733
Silver, Miss LauraLecturer
Lomas, Mrs Elizabeth Lecturer
McDaid, Mrs LauraLecturer
Al Jandari, Miss AbierLecturer ( secondment)
Voas-Clarke, Mrs ClaireLecturer
Buckels, Ms RoisinLecturer
Roberts, Mrs SharonProgramme Lead – MSc Advanced Clinical Practitioner Apprenticeship, MSc Advanced Practice in Healthcare07423 726 563
Gordon, Ms CathSenior Lecturer
Watmore, Mr JamesLecturer in Critical Care
Pemberton, Mrs LisaLecturer in Critical Care
Hitchings, Mrs CatherineLecturer
Cairns, Dr PaulLecturer
Holmes, Dr GinaProf Doc Programme Lead0 77646 16994
Corrigan, Mrs RachaelLecturer
Physiotherapy Staff
Curran, Mr SimonProfessional Lead0151 794 4915
Clague-Baker, Dr NicolaLecturer
Cork, Miss GabriellaLecturer0151 795 8103
Deaves, Mrs AmandaLecturer0151 794 9804
Eckersley, Miss GeorginaLecturer
Grant, Mrs EmilyLecturer0151 794 2165
Keane, Mrs PaulineLecturer07 884 752518
McRobert, Dr ClionaLecturer
Philp, Dr FraserLecturer
Seddon, Mrs JoanneLecturer
Trainor, Mrs KateLecturer0151 794 5743
Edwards, Mr DavidLecturer
James, Dr JenniferLecturer
Davies, Miss SionedLecturer
Rees, Ms AnnaLecturer
King, Dr AndrewLecturer
Moffatt, Dr MariaLecturer
Therapeutic Radiography Staff
Ball, Mrs BevProfessional Lead07 442 935985
Porritt, Miss BridgetSenior Lecturer
Blair, Mr DanielLecturer
Bridge, Dr PeteSenior Lecturer0151 795 8366
Calder, Ms Kerrie-AnneLecturer0151 794 5762
Ketterer, Ms Sarah-JaneLecturer0151 794 5879
Kirby, Dr MikeSenior Lecturer0151 794 5754
Oliver, Miss LaurenLecturer
Orr, Mrs MarieLecturer0151 794 5762
Warren, Mr MarkLecturer0151 794 5035
Wilson, Mr NathanLecturer
Jopson, Mrs RebeccaLecturer
Corcoran, Mr ChristianLecturer
Jansen, Miss Moniek Lecturer
Woodhead , Mrs Kerrie Lecturer
Student Experience Office
Williams, Mrs JanetStudent Experience Team Leader0151 794 2461
Bennett, Mr JamieStudent Experience Administrator07 741 101994
Flynn, Ms SusanStudent Experience Administrator0151 794 5761
Brignal, Ms LizStudent Experience Administrator0151 794 5799
Harding, Miss TeriStudent Experience Administrator07 917 081259
Bode, Mrs FleurStudent Experience Administrator0151 794 5750
Sandilands, Miss SusanStudent Experience Administrator
Wright, Miss NicolaStudent Experience Adminstrator0151 794 4567
Clinical Placement/E-Portfolio Student Experience Team
Kelly, Mr AlanClinical Placement/E-Portfolio Co-ordinator07 341 800160
Burgess, Ms CatClinical Placement/E-Portfolio Administrator07 918 975240
McCartney, Mr SamClinical Placement/E-Portfolio Administrator0151 794 9801
Murray, Miss NatalieClinical Placement/E-Portfolio Administrator07 918 79222
White, Miss RachelClinical Placement/E-Portfolio Administrator
Admissions/Marketing Team
Madden, Mrs KarenAdmissions/Marketing Co-ordinator07 766 697522
Davie, Mr RikAdmissions Administrator
Gibson, Mr NeilAdmissions Administrator0151 795 6000
Davies, Mr MatthewDigital Comms Administrator07 741 101994
Aust, Mr JamesAdmissions Administrator
Gildea, Miss DionneAdmissions Administrator
Student Learning and Teaching Support Team
Byrne, Miss LilyLearning and Teaching Support Officer
Taylor, Miss AshleyLearning and Teaching Support Officer
Ridley, Mr LewisLearning and Teaching Support Officer
Finance Team
Noon, Mrs SamFinance Officer0151 794 5795
Wortley, Mrs LisaFinance Administrator0151 794 4327
Research Staff
Fisher, Ms DebraResearch Assistant
Assessment and Timetabling Team
Saunders, Mr AllanAssessment and Timetabling Team Leader07 919 113981
Furlong, Miss AnnStudent Experience Administrator07 807 106950
Taylor, Mrs JenniferStudent Experience Administrator
Ho, Mr StephenStudent Experience Administrator
Williams-Smith, Mrs ClareStudent Experience Administrator
Clinical Skills Team
Crosbie, Mr BarryClinical Skills Co Ordinator07393 008 760