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High-Frequency Engineering

The group undertakes research in high-frequency engineering (from radio to terahertz frequencies), continuing the University's excellent track record in this field. This group is led by Professor Yi Huang.

In 1894 Oliver Lodge, a Professor at the University, made the world's first public radio transmission and two years later took the first surgical x-ray in the UK.

Nowadays, the research activities in this group of about 25 researchers and PhD students are mainly focused in the following areas:

  • Radio frequency (RF) engineering, wireless communications and radar systems
  • Electromagnetic imaging and tomography using RF (such as GPR), microwave and THz techniques
  • Applied electromagnetic and EMC simulations and measurements
  • Wireless devices (such as filters and amplifiers) and system developments (including radio positioning and RFID systems)
  • THz devices, systems and applications
  • Wireless power transmission, energy harvesting and monitoring.

In addition, we have been working on:

  • Wireless on-body and in-body devices
  • Measurement techniques
  • Novel materials and their applications

A wide range of research projects is being undertaken in these areas, with international collaborations with industry and other universities.  We are well equipped with both industrial standard simulation software and measurement equipment - we have the largest reverberation chamber in the UK universities and an anechoic chamber. Our mission is to undertake cutting edge research in wireless engineering and technology with the best researchers and students in the world. We welcome PhD applications and collaborations in these areas.


Academic staff members of this group are:

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