Technological plasmas

The technological plasma group has world-leading expertise in experimentation and modelling in; plasma materials processing (including treatment and deposition), plasma diagnostic development, plasma reforming and catalysis, anti-microbial and biomaterials production and nuclear fusion.

Our collaborations

The department's fusion energy research involvement includes joint projects with Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), membership of the multi-partner EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the science and technology of fusion energy.

Dr James Walsh, a senior lecturer at the university, holds a prestigious Five-year EPSRC healthcare technologies challenge award, one of only nine announced in the House of Commons. The award has led to the establishment of a new EPSRC centre for plasma microbiology to develop novel biomedical devices.

Materials research

Contribution to the University materials theme comes through research into materials processing includes EPSRC accelerator awards with the materials innovation factory on advanced photocatalytic materials. In addition, notable materials theme research includes the synthesis of thin films for superconducting RF cavities for accelerator physics with ASTeC Daresbury Laboratory facilitated by membership of the Cockcroft Institute, funded through the Cockcroft Institute core grant.

Environmental control and food hygiene

Research activities in plasma technology for environmental control and food hygiene have attracted the attention of numerous leading UK companies (Sainsbury’s, Dyson, Unilever and Olympus) resulting in the co-development of novel plasma-based technologies in which Dr James Walsh had a leading role. Strong collaborators in this research area include Public Health England, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals and many internationally leading academic groups such as BioTeC+ at KU Leuven and the State Key Laboratory of advanced electromagnetic engineering and technology at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

National physical laboratory

We have collaborated with the national physical laboratory on nanoparticle detection using plasma sources, offering a CASE studentship. We also take part in externally funded research with CERN and the physics department of the university on electric systems for radiation detections. Industrial partners involved with plasma processing and the treatment of materials includes innovia films and gencoa.

National nuclear laboratory

Collaboration with national nuclear laboratory alongside Sellafield allowed us to fund two PhD studentships on nuclear decommissioning using plasma technology through the UK nuclear decommissioning authority and the centre for nuclear innovation in nuclear decommissioning led by the national nuclear plant. Some industrial partners in this area include Johnson Matthey, GE, HIDEN Analytical and Plasma Clean Ltd.



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