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Research in electrical and electronic engineering

Electrical engineering and electronics at Liverpool is at the forefront of research in this fast-moving discipline and its postgraduate body is one of the largest in the University, encompassing world-class fundamental and applied research.

The 2021 Research Excellence Frame Network rated Engineering at Liverpool 6th in the UK for outstanding (4*) impact, and 17th in the UK for world leading (4*) overall quality.

Research themes

Our departmental research spans five key themes which address some of the research challenges and needs of the future:

Data Science and Signal Processing Data science

Data science and signal processing

Research in data science is focused on developing ground-breaking algorithmic solutions.

Energy Technologies Energy technologies

Energy technologies

The research in energy and complex systems covers the modelling of physical processes occurring inside high current and high voltage circuit breakers.

Networks and Communications Networks and communications

Networks and communications

Networks and communications is concerned with all related research into telecommunications and computer networks.

Sensors, Diagnostics and Biomedical Devices Sensors

Sensors, diagnostics and biomedical devices

This theme consists of two groups: BioMEMs, organic and silicon electronics, and the mass spectrometry and instrumentation group.

Technological Plasmas Student researching plasmas

Technological plasmas

The group's main research activities are experimental and modelling studies of low-temperature technological plasmas and their applications.