An electrical and electronic engineering power house

Electrical Engineering and Electronics at Liverpool is at the forefront of research in this fast-moving discipline and its postgraduate body is one of the largest in the University, encompassing world-class fundamental and applied research.

The Departmental research is aggregated around key themes which address some of the research challenges and needs of the coming decades, namely:

Operationally, the research activities in the Department are organised into a number of research groups.

The Department has a very active postgraduate research programme with over 100 research students engaging in PhD studies and approximately 25 post-doctoral research assistants.  There is also a large number of visitors from overseas universities, research institutes and industry.

There is close involvement with more than 50 major companies and research organisations.  Collaboration with UK and foreign universities is a fundamental feature of our research.

The Department has excellent dedicated research facilities attached to each research group.  Experimental work is supported by highly skilled technical and experimental officers, based in workshops or laboratories.

The Electronics Workshop provides CAD and production facilities for PCBs, whilst the Mechanical Workshop contains a good selection of machine tools and sheet metal working equipment.