Welcome to the Mass Spectrometry & Instrumentation Group

Our research focuses on the design, implementation and optimisation of analytical instrumentation. We have considerable experience developing portable mass spectrometer systems and novel analytical methods for environmental, security and medical applications. Our expertise covers modelling, design, simulation and fabrication of all major aspects of mass spectrometer systems: ion source, mass analyser, ion optics, ion detection, vacumm system and control electronics.

Research Highlights

Portable linear ion trap mass spectrometer for artificial sniffing

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Low-cost polymer based quadrupole and linear ion trap mass analysers

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Simulation software for quadrupole mass filters and linear ion traps

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Latest News


David Romero-Perez, Dr Simon Maher and Dr Fred Jjunju are heading out to ASMS presenting some of their latest research.

Dr Simon Maher is delivering an address at “Advancing Food Security with Sensors and Analytical Instrumentation Workshop”, Bangkok, Thailand.

As part of British Science week, Dr Maher will be showcasing the wonders of ion optics: demonstrations include evacuated glass tube mass spectrometry and portable ion mobility.