Data science

Data science and signal processing

Research in data science is focused on developing ground-breaking algorithmic solutions that can be translated into tangible advantage across multiple sectors in both industry and government, and falls under the university digital research theme.

This theme cuts across much of the research in the school, and includes:

  • Novel approaches (such as chromatic technology) for monitoring and modelling real complex systems to yield operation information fault development
  • Robust control for the systems with time delay
  • Machine learning and data mining, including work on support vector machines, mathematical morphology, neural networks, and reinforcement learning.

We also work on autonomous computer systems that are capable of self-interested action in dynamic, unpredictable environments in order to meet their design objectives; and the deep analysis of biological mass spectrometry data to characterise the protein and metabolite content of blood and tissue samples for disease understanding, early disease detection and the development of future therapies.

Our collaborations

Our research has led to a number of large grants, a £7M EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training on the topic of distributed algorithms, the University-wide Liverpool big data network initiative, and providing significant contribution to the establishment of the University’s Liverpool digital theme.

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