Priority Rooms available at....

Crown Place
Vine Court
Dover Court
Philharmonic Court


The University of Liverpool has some of the best accommodation options around for students who might need a priority room allocation due to a disability or medical condition. From larger ensuite rooms or ground-floor, easy access rooms to studios with adjoining carer accommodation - we can help you find the perfect place to call home.

If you need more support, the Disability Advice and Guidance Team can ensure that your needs are met whilst you study and live here in Halls of Residence and the University is involved in a continuous programme of modernisation and adaptation. This includes access issues in line with current disability legislation. However, due to the age of the University, there are still some buildings that may be difficult to access. For more information on each building, check out the disabled go website.

The University is committed to making reasonable adjustments and the Disability Advice and Guidance Team works closely with both Accommodation and the University's Facilities Management (FM) Department to provide accessible environments for students to live and study in.

If you require a priority room allocation for any disability or medical condition, please view our Priority Room Guide to see how we can help.

**Please provide us with supporting evidence for this to be considered as part of a priority room allocation. If we do not receive supporting evidence by 1st August, we may not be able to guarantee your requested room type**