About your Accommodation fees

We know that accommodation is a really important part of the student experience and we work hard to ensure our halls of residence meet the needs of our students. As such the majority of our student accommodation has been built or refurbished within the last 9 years and has popular modern facilities like ensuite shower rooms.

What do your accommodation fees cover?

The accommodation fee you pay depends on the type of room you have. We have a very wide variety of accommodation, and so the fees are varied too. Rent in our halls of residence covers a range of costs outside of the cost of the room itself, including:

  • 24/7 pastoral and wellbeing support in your hall
  • Ice breaking, community and social activities in halls
  • Maintenance and refurbishment
  • Utilities (electricity and water)
  • Use of our Greenbank Gym and fitness studio (Greenbank and Carnatic Student Villages)
  • Restaurant Meals (for catered halls)

Halls of residence are particularly important for our first year students, providing opportunities to meet and make new friends. Our Accommodation also provides pastoral and wellbeing support for students who are having difficulties adjusting to university life.

How do prices compare with other universities?

The University regularly compares the price of its accommodation with other universities and local private halls of residence. This takes into account not only the highest and lowest priced options, but also compares prices for the types of accommodation on offer (e.g. single, double, studio rooms) and the number of rooms available at each price. This analysis ensures our rental charges are in line with other institutions.

Living cost bursary

The University has a strong track record in widening access to higher education. With this in mind, we make available a living cost bursary (the Liverpool Bursary) to UK undergraduate students which can be received either as a cash bursary or taken as a fee waiver.

UK students with a household income of less than £25,000 will receive a Liverpool Bursary of £2,000 for each year of study and do not need to apply as the University assesses eligibility and lets students know if they are entitled to them. Find out more information about available bursaries on our scholosrships pages.

Read our frequently asked questions  regarding accommodation.