Managing your offer

Find out what happens next, whether you hold a conditional or unconditional offer to study with us, already have a confirmed place, or have been offered a place through Clearing.

If you have any questions about confirming your place, you can contact us and a friendly member of our Admissions team will help you.

Conditional or unconditional offer holders

Making changes to your offer

Making Liverpool your firm or insurance choice

If you've received a conditional or unconditional offer from us and would like to make us your firm or insurance choice, you can do this by replying to your offers on UCAS. Choosing where to study is an important decision, so there's information on our Applicant Zone to help you find out more about the University of Liverpool.

Change to Liverpool

If you accepted an offer from another university and your firm and insurance choices are not the University of Liverpool, you can still change your choice to us. You'll need to check if we still have places available through Extra or Clearing. Please consider your options carefully before declining a university place you already have.

Change to a different course

If you've received a conditional or unconditional offer from us and we're your firm or insurance choice, or you're yet to reply, but would like to change to a different course, you’ll need to complete our change request form. We’ll try to accommodate requests where possible, but this is not guaranteed.

Request deferred entry

Please complete our change request form to request deferred entry to 2025. You can also use this form if you previously asked to defer but now wish to change to a 2024 start. We’ll try to accommodate requests where possible, but this is not guaranteed.

Withdraw from UCAS

If you're yet to receive an offer, you can withdraw your application yourself on UCAS. If you wish to withdraw from UCAS completely, please email (UK applicants) or (international applicants) with the subject line 'Withdraw'. Please include your UCAS ID number in the email. If you request a withdrawal, you will not be able to apply for any vacancies through Clearing for this year and any places/offers that you hold will be void.

Placed at Liverpool

If you're already placed at Liverpool but wish to request a change to your programme or year of entry, please complete our change request form. We'll try to accommodate requests where possible, but this is not guaranteed.

Checking the status of your application once your results are available

Confirmation is the process which takes place after the University receives your exam results. This is when we’ll confirm whether you’ve met the terms of your offer and whether we’re able to accept you onto your chosen course. If we're your firm choice and you meet or exceed the terms of your offer, you don't need to contact us, you're in!

Confirmation happens once exam results are published, which for A levels taken in 2024 will be on 15 August. Where we have received all results, we aim to make a decision on A level results day, but if we've been unable to make a decision, you can contact us for advice. For other qualifications, such as IB and Access awards, exam results are published in July and we’ll confirm your place as soon as possible after this if you meet the conditions of your offer.

If you're an international student, we may be waiting for further results beyond your main academic qualifications. Please visit UCAS to check the status of your application and see if there are any outstanding documents you need to send to us. You can also email the Admissions team at for advice.

How to check you’ve been accepted when your results are available

  • Visit UCAS to view the status of your application.
  • If we're your firm choice and you meet or exceed the terms of your offer, you don't need to contact us, you’re in!
  • If you don't meet the terms of your offer for the course that you originally applied for, we may sometimes be able to make you an offer for an alternative course instead. You can accept or decline this offer via UCAS and any deadline to reply will be communicated to you by UCAS.
  • If we were your firm choice and have been unable to accept you on this occasion, you should check your status at your insurance choice. If you've not been accepted at your insurance choice, or if you would prefer to study at Liverpool, you can check if we have spaces on a different course through Clearing from July.
  • Please see our appeals page for further information if you're appealing your results.

Clearing offer holders

Clearing opens for international applicants in July. For home applicants, Clearing takes place in July and then again from 15 August. Details on how to apply for Clearing places are available on our Clearing webpages.

Accepting your Clearing offer

If you've received a Clearing offer from us and would like to accept it, you'll need to complete a few simple steps by the deadline given in your offer email:

  • Log in to UCAS Hub to add a Clearing choice, entering the institution and course details.
  • Under 'University or college' add L41 – The University of Liverpool.
  • If you can’t see your chosen course as being available via UCAS Clearing, you should be able to manually type in the course code when you come to add your Clearing choice. A helpful guide on how to add a Clearing choice can be found on the UCAS website. If you have any problems, contact UCAS on 0371 468 0468.
  • If you've contacted UCAS but are still unable to add your Clearing course choice, please contact us via email at
  • Once you've added your Clearing course choice, complete the other required details and submit your choice.

Accepting a Clearing offer may sometimes be described as 'referring' yourself to a university.

If you don’t think you'll be able to accept our Clearing offer by the deadline in your offer email, you can email to request an extension. Please use the email subject line 'Clearing offer extension'. We’ll review your request and email to confirm whether we can extend the deadline for you.

Making changes to your Clearing offer

To request a change to a Clearing offer you're holding from us, please email as soon as possible. We'll do our best to help but can't guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate your request.

All offers of places through Clearing are to start this year. Unfortunately, this means you won't be able to defer a Clearing offer to 2025.

Keeping your contact details up to date

Whether you're a conditional, unconditional or Clearing offer holder, it's important to ensure that the contact details we have for you are up to date.

If your contact details change, please log in to UCAS and update your records. This will ensure we can keep you in the loop with any important updates about your application.

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