Podcast Season Two

Season two podcasts of the Academy Developing Practice series are available on this page. These include Making an Impact 2020 podcasts as well.

Welcome to the podcast

Season Two Introduction

Alex and Matt reflect on our first season of The Academy’s Developing Practice podcast series and preview some of the coming episodes in Season Two.

Jess wade

Championing Equality

Dr Jess Wade, a Postdoc, shares her enthusiasm for equality and her contribution to public engagement to increase gender equality in the STEM subjects.

Rob Treharne and Sam Ball web tile

Hive Learning

Dr Robert Treharne and Samuel Ball tell us about an innovation that has been developed in the School of Life Sciences to support students with their coding practices.

Sarah Waite

Understanding Wellbeing

Sarah Waite, psychologist, coach and founder of SeingCo, discusses the importance of finding time for taking care of our personal wellbeing in our busy and challenging lives.

Podcast 14 - Jonathan Green

Global Citizenship

Dr Jonathan Green, a Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology in the School of Environmental Sciences talks us through how they support students to develop as global citizens.

Dr Eli Saetnan

Academic Scholarship

Dr Eli Saetnan chats about her role as a Senior Academic Developer with a remit to support the development of scholarship informed practice across our institution.

Jenny Howard and Charlie Ries

Transnational Education

Jenny Howard and Charlie Ries explore how students have engaged with transnational education, the implications for staff and the impact it has on the student experience.

Paul Gilbert

Technician Commitment

Paul Gilbert, Technical Manager at the IIB, tells us about his work and the impact the Technician Commitment has had thus far on the University of Liverpool.

Podcast - 19 Nadia Soliman profile

Embedding Leadership

Nadia Soliman, former Army Officer and current PhD student at Imperial College London speaks about the similarities between the Army and academic institutions.

Podcast 24 - Kevin Hamill

Teaching Enhancements

Dr Kevin Hamill tells us about innovations that have been applied in the Department of Eye and Vision Science to enhance the PGR experience.

Podcast 25 Camille Kandiko Howson

Engaging Students

Dr Camille Kandiko Howson discusses the importance of engaging students in their learning: voice, partnership and co-creation.

Podcast 26 - Paul Matthews tile

Nudge Theory

Paul Matthews of People Alchemy shares his latest thinking around how Nudge Theory can be used in learning & development.

Angela Saini profile

Race Science

We discuss Angela Saini’s book, Superior, which explores the existence of racism in science and the use of science to support a certain position.

Episode 28 - Stan Taylor

Doctoral Supervision

Professor Stan Taylor explores the changing landscape of doctoral education, and the implications of this for PhD supervisors.

Making an Impact Podcasts

During Making an Impact 2020 (1-19 June), this collection of Making an Impact Specials was recorded to complement, encourage and support engagement within and outside of the programme.