Podcast - 19 Nadia Soliman

Nadia Soliman, Imperial College London: Embedding Leadership

With a BSc (Hons) Pharmacology from the University of Liverpool, Nadia Soliman has returned to academia having served in both the regular and reserve of the British Army for over ten years. Specialising in explosive threat mitigation her service has taken her around the world, and she continues to deliver strategy, risk and performance management services. Since returning to academia she has gained an MSc in Drug Discovery Skills and MRes in Cellular and Molecular Biosciences and is in her second year of a PhD at Imperial College London. Her PhD is focused on developing automation technologies to improve the feasibility, efficiency and accuracy of preclinical systematic reviews while addressing neurobiological questions of interest. She is currently conducting a systematic review of cannabis based medicines for analgesia using crowd science. This review will provide empirical evidence to improve the field of pain and cannabis-based medicine animal research, the use of machine assisted technology and how to employ a crowd of scientists from around the world to ensure that research conduct is rigorous, interpretable, open and transparent. She has an interest in sharing her military experiences and knowledge of leadership development to engender a more positive research culture.

In this podcast we meet Nadia Soliman, former Army Officer and current PhD student at Imperial College London. We discuss Nadia’s belief that the Army and academic institutions are very similar in terms of their work globally engaging people to do remarkable things to tackle challenges. We also discuss Nadia’s understanding of the differences between the two in relation to development and leadership. We hope this podcast will support you to reflect upon your personal practice as you reflect upon Nadia’s thoughts concerning leadership in Higher Education. 

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